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Your #VacationAuBénin and # Covid19 measures.

Did you know ! the high tourist season begins on December 15 in Benin and ends in May; during this period you are guaranteed to fill up on the sun, while discovering the traditional end-of-year and January celebrations with the voodoo festival on the 10th, the discovery of wildlife, in particular the sea turtles in Grand Popo, the West African lions in Pendjari National Park. We hope to see you again this year despite the coronavirus.

Analysons ensemble les conséquences des mesures #Covid19 sur l’organisation de votre voyage au Bénin.

What is the health situation in Benin ?

Like everywhere in the world, the coronavirus is present in Benin.

However, despite the lack of containment, since the start of the pandemic, Benin has successfully implemented response measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Most of these measures are still operational to this day and must be observed by all travelers. We suggest you consult our last post which details these measures.

In summary, you can fully enjoy your trip to Benin, shops, tourist sites, restaurants are open, as in the whole world you will have to respect barrier gestures.

How to organize your trip to Benin ?

In an exceptional situation, exceptional measures! indeed, as in many countries, Benin has put in place an exceptional procedure to welcome travelers to Benin.

First, you must create a file on the dedicated site https://www.centresurveillancesanitaire.bj/ to obtain a code that you must present to take the PCR test on your arrival. We recommend choosing the option of the VIP PCR test at 75,000 F that you pay online by credit card to allow you to obtain your result within 24 hours and thus collect your passport. You must also on the same site create a file for your test necessary for the return, depending on the organization of your trip, you choose the basic test at 50,000 F which requires you to do it 72 hours before your departure at the Palais des congrès de Cotonou, or the VIP test at 75,000 F that you can perform 24 hours before your departure.

What are the consequences of # Covid19 measures in the course of your trip to Benin

In terms of transport, to respect the distancing measures, we must size the vehicle according to the number of people, in addition to the driver, we offer for 2 people a large sedan or a small 4x4 (type Toyota 4runer), for 3 people a large 4x4 type Toyota Prado, and beyond a minibus and for a group of 7 to 15 people two minibuses.

At the program level: to optimize your stay, you must take into account the constraints related to PCR tests. In principle, it seems relevant to us to choose the VIP test for arrival in Benin in order to be able to collect your passport within 24 hours and continue your trip to Benin quickly. For the return, you must plan to be able to perform the test 72 hours before your departure if you choose the basic option or 24 hours before your departure if you choose the VIP test.

What program for a 9 to 13 day tour in Benin

You can view all of our tailor-made trips to Benin by following the link : http://bit.ly/TestCovid19Benin

la fête du Vodou à Ouidah

However, we suggest two types of travel organization in Benin that take into account the constraints related to tets # Covid19.

A stay in Benin to participate in the official ceremonies of the voodoo festival on January 10 in Ouidah and continue to Grand Popo to meet sea turtles and back to Cotonou to discover Ganvié, Lake Nokoué and Porto-Novo.

To know the details of the circuit, click on voodoo circuit

A Safari in the Pendjari National Park over 10 to 13 days in a lodge or bivouac, meet the local populations in Boukoumbé or Tanéka; on the way back, a stop to visit the royal palaces of Abomey, and in the south to visit Ouidah, Ganvié and Porto-Novo

To know the details of the circuit and to request a quote click on safari circuit

You travel to Benin in complete safety

These circuits take place according to your options, in individual transport with driver, under the sanitary conditions defined by the COVID-19 barrier measures applicable in Benin. All tours are carried out in the company of an experienced and licensed guide.

To find out about all our offers, visit our site : https://www.benin-voyage-afrique.online/benin-tourism

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