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You will discover during these 8 days and 7 nights , tourism in Benin from the south to the north of the country. The program allows you in the north to go on a safari in Benin over 2 days and one night , to discover the Atakora region and its tatas sombas over one day. In the south, you will cross Lake Noukoué by motorized canoe to Porto-Novo, discover the lakeside village of Ganvié , the fishermen's activity, the mangroves, then after disembarking, Ajara with its artisans and in particular the manufacturing tamtams. You end your trip with the history of Ouidah by taking the road the slave route then you return to the airport by taking the fishing route before taking the plane in the evening.

The conditions of realization of your tour in Benin

Your trip in Benin

Day 1
Cotonou AIRPORT.jpg

Reception at Cotonou airport

Our team receives you at Cotonou airport, you will meet the driver and your contacts who will assist you during your trip to Benin.

Transfer to the hotel to your accommodation

We offer you various accommodation options on  program may vary depending on arrival time

Day 2
bus transfer to natitingou.jpg

Transfer to the North of Benin in Natitingou

As part of this tourist circuit in Benin, we favor public transport to get to Natitingou. We work with the main operators, (Confort line Benin, or ATT) who have comfortable buses for this trip.

This trip lasts all day, your arrival in Natitingou will be around 7 p.m. depending on the road conditions.

Day 3
bivouac park pendjari.png

BENIN Safari: in the Pendjari Park

Our guide will pick you up from your hotel in Natitingou at the time you have agreed with him. It will take about 1h30 to cross the mountains of the Atakora range. The guide will organize your photo safari according to your objectives and the season. In the evening you will spend the night in the Parc de la Pendjari in bivouac in the spaces designed for this purpose. However as an option we offer accommodation in the Hotel de la Pendjari.

Day 4
Tanongou Falls.jpg

Safari in BENIN and the Tanougou Falls

After your night in a bivouac in the heart of the Pendjari park and breakfast, and the briefing with your guide, you continue your photo safari and your observations in the park. At the end of the afternoon, on the way back you will stop at the village of Tanougou to visit the falls after a short walk. In the evening, return to your hotel in Natitingou

Day 5

The Atacora and the tatas sombas

The day is devoted to the discovery of the region of the country of the Otamari people and to the mountain range of Atacora. During this day, accompanied by your guide, you will visit some tata sombas with their fetishes, discover the making of shea butter, beads for grass bracelets, and if the weather allows it you will enjoy a walk on the chain of l 'Atacora.

Day 6
bus transfer to natitingou.jpg

Return to Cotonou and the south of Benin

Our guide will pick you up from the hotel and drop you off at the bus station for your return to Cotonou, on your arrival in Cotonou, our driver will pick you up when you get off the bus to accompany you to your hotel.

Day 7
pirogue ganvié.png

Lake Noukoué, Lacustrine village Ganvié, Porto Novo and Adjara

From So Ava, discover the green Venice of West Africa, in a motorized canoe, you will explore the lake and visit the lakeside villages, in particular Ganvié, the fishing activity, the smoking of fish, the floating market, canoes with sails, mangroves, picnic on the canoe and disembarkation in the port of Porto-Novo, car chase and discover the artisanal manufacture of tamtams, the black river and the raffia forest.

Day 8
door of no return Ouidah.png

Ouidah: The slave route and the fishing route

This program is only open to participants taking the plane in the evening from 6 p.m.
In Ouidah the guide will make you discover the route of the slaves until their embarkation (door of no return), with the program of the visit of the historical museum, and the temple of the pythons.
The return to Cotonou can be done by the sandy road "the fishing route" with a stop in a bush by the sea for lunch, possibility of sunbathing under the coconut trees by the sea, (attention swimming in dangerous sea due to strong waves).
At the end of the day, pass through the hotel and drop off at the airport.

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