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How to discover Ouidah and the Vodou cult in Benin

Ouidah is a town in southern BENIN, Ouidah's story begins with the slave trade, you can travel the slave route, the route that the slaves took to join the ships to the door of no return on the front. from the sea. The Ouidah History Museum , located in the 18th century Portuguese fort, recounts all this history.

Ouidah becomes the cradle of voodoo worship. The Pythons temple is dedicated to the deity of the serpent Dangbé; the sacred forest of Kpassé a small wooded area with sculptures and wood engravings representing voodoo deities. You will meet the spiritual leader and attend a voodoo ceremony if you wish.

Discover voodoo in Benin

vodou ceremony in Ouidah

Duration: 1 day, with lunch

We offer as part of our excursions to Ouidah, to make you discover voodoo in Benin, if you do not have the opportunity to attend the voodoo party in BENIN which takes place each year on January 10.
As part of this activity, you will have the opportunity to meet the spiritual leader of the voodoo cult, to participate in a voodoo ceremony, to visit the sacred places,

Witness the practice of voodoo in Benin

notably the temple of the pythons , the sacred forest of King Kpassè dominated by huge old trees, accompanied by wooden sculptures representing voodoo deities, convents, and temples.

Duration 1/2 day, with or without lunch

If you do not have the time to devote a day to discovering voodoo in BENIN, we offer a shorter excursion organized around the visit of sacred places, in particular the temple of the pythons and the meeting of the spiritual leader.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

As part of these excursions to Ouidah you are accompanied by one or more approved guides  

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The slave route to Ouidah

The slave route to the name gate back.

Duration: 4 hours - with or without lunch

The slave trade in Ouidah was extremely intense around the middle of the 18th century. The slave trade was fueled by periodical raids on the fringes of the kingdom of Dahomey for the benefit of the Fons ethnic group. About 60% of the two million Africans sent to the new world have left

from the bay of Benin from Ouidah or Lagos
In Ouidah, you will discover the history of the slave trade which was at the origin of Ouidah and ensured its development and its wealth for several centuries.

Travel for 2 hours the slave route which will lead you from Savi to the door of no return located by the sea, discover the different stages of the slaves from their arrival in Ouidah, to the auction, through the different ceremonies (Tree of oblivion, slave village, Zomaï hut, the cemetery of the slaves, the return tree, until their embarkation on the slave galleys, the excursion is completed by the visit to the historical museum of Ouidah in strong Portuguese.
The excursion is led by licensed guides.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Ouidah's story

Legend has it that the chief Ahoho built in his fields near the Atlantic a country second home to rest there, then under the reign of the eighth king Kpassè of the kingdom of Xwéda a peasant working in his field near the coast saw on the sea a ship. He waved a loincloth tied to the end of a stick. The Portuguese sailors on the ship, having noticed this, sent a boat ashore. This is the first time that we live in the kingdom of white men with red ears.
This is how Ouidah was founded in the 16th century, thanks to the construction of warehouses by Europeans to store goods unloaded from ships. Ouidah very quickly became the economic capital of the small kingdom of Xwéda and the main port on the coast of the Gulf of Benin.
The slave trade ensured the prosperity of the city of Ouidah which became famous for the regularity and intensity of its slave trade. The practice of voodoo worship to condition the slaves before their embarkation on the premises of the door of no return and contributed to the influence of voodoo in BENIN outside the African continent.

Ouidah has become a very popular tourism site in Benin , in particular thanks to its annual voodoo festival, but also to the historical reminder of the slave route.

Request your tailor-made trip to Ouidah

You are planning a trip to Benin in a group, we offer a tailor-made day trip to Ouidah according to your preferred themes. Leave your email in the form above and define your request on Ouidah; we will get back in touch with you within 12 hours to define with you a tailor-made day in Ouidah.

Our approach to organize your trip to Benin

canoe trip in Ouidah

Discovering the Ouidah lagoon

Duration: one day or ½ day, with lunch
The lagoon of Ouidah is separated from the sea by a coastal barrier of fine sand. The Ouidah lagoon is made up of many islands and historic villages. We suggest you visit it by canoe, during this guided tour, you will discover a rich flora, in particular the mangrove, but also the lakeside villages and its welcoming inhabitants, the production of salt, traditional fishing, market gardening. We offer lunch on site to taste local products.

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