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Circuit Benin Togo: from Possotomé to Kpalimé

With this Benin Togo tour, you will meet the local populations for 7 days and 6 nights, and discover the fauna and flora of southern Benin and Togo. This trip to Benin and Togo, will take you to the shores of Lake Ahémé and in particular to Possotomé with its thermal springs, you will also discover the life of fishermen on the lake during a ride in a Pirogue, the next day you will do a stop in the village KINKINHOUE before crossing the border of Togo to go to Kpalimé in Togo . You stay there for two days to enjoy the tourist riches that surround the city. After two days of discoveries in the company of your guide, you will head to Lomé before spending the night in Grand Popo . For your last day you can enjoy the sandy beach of the Auberge de Grand Popo or visit the surroundings, especially the famous Bouche du Roy.

The conditions for organizing your trip to Togo and Benin

Progress of your tour in Benin and Togo

Day 1
Cotonou AIRPORT.jpg

Reception at Cotonou airport

You will be met at Cotonou airport for our team who will accompany you during your Benin Togo tour.

Transfer to the JC de Cotonou hotel in a ventilated double room.

Day 2
Benin possotome CAMP.jpg

Cotonou to Lake Ahémé and Possotomé

After an hour's drive from Cotonou, you arrive at the shores of Lake Ahémé. You will spend the day there discovering Lake Ahémé. At the edge of the lake you will discover picturesque villages, sacred forests, you will meet fishermen and farmers with ancestral traditions. You can cool off with water from the thermal spring.

Day 3
villagemono benin poterie.jpg

Discovery of the villages of Mono to Kinkinhoue

During this day you will discover the traditional activities in the villages, such as the blacksmith, the activities of women including pottery, soap making. In kinkinhoue You will meet the personalities of the village, if you wish, you will accompany the peasants to the fields and visit the museum and the voodoo temples.

Day 4
KPALIME (1).png

Trip to Togo to Kpalimé

After going through the formalities at the Togo border, you will discover a lush and fertile area with hills with thick woods teeming with mahogany, wawas and irokos, deep valleys and small peasant villages. Kpalimé is at the heart of Togo's coffee and cocoa region.

Day 5

Discovery of the surroundings of Kpalimé

You will visit the village Kuma Konda and will be able to enjoy the surrounding waterfalls including Kamalo Waterfall, visible from the road, you will do the Ecological Circuits on Mount Kloto where we discover a panorama of the city of Kpalimé and if the weather allows it a view on Lake Volta, the largest lake in Ghana. You can also discover the workshops of paintings with natural pigments and the local crafts of woodcarvers, batikers, potters, weavers, calabashers, etc.

Day 6

Return to Lomé and Grand Popo Benin

At 1h30 from Kpalimé, you will pass through Lomé capital of Togo, Lomé benefits from a fine sandy beach bordered by coconut trees. The city has pretty villas, old colonial buildings and large estates with gardens of coconut palms and flowering shrubs. Lomé is known for its fetish market renowned throughout West Africa. At the end of the day you will cross the border and spend the night in Grand Popo in Benin.

Day 7
Grand Popo Benin.png

Discovery of the Grand Popo region and return to Cotonou Airport

You can enjoy the beach of the Auberge before taking the plane for your return, or possibly visit the sights near the inn, in particular the old colonial buildings of Gbècon, the site of protection and safeguard of turtles, or the King's Mouth from Avlo! In the early afternoon departure for Cotonou airport in Benin.

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