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abomey tourism

By visiting Abomey you will discover the whole history of the Dahomey kingdom which began around the beginning of the 17th century with the Fon, the expansion of the kingdom thanks to the wars of conquest, then by the development of the slave trade, and the fall of the kingdom. in 1892 after bitter fighting against the French colonizer and the deportation of King Behanzin in Martinique.

How to discover Abomey

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Description of visits: Discovering the history of Dahomey

We organize with approved guides organized tours of the various tourist sites of Abomey and its surroundings in order to make you discover all the historical and cultural richness of Benin.

These visits take place over one or two days, they include the price of the guide, entrance to historical sites, the museum, possibly a traditional meal, and in the evening a traditional dance show, for example an animation with the exit of the zangbeto.



Before arriving in Abomey from Cotonou, we suggest you stop to visit the underground village of Agongointo with an area of 7 hectares and which houses 56 underground houses dating from the time of the King of Danxomè Agadja.

After the lunch break, we organize canoe trips to discover pure nature in the hlan forest, which is home to flora and fauna that have become very rare, especially monkeys. In one of the arms of the river rests since 1892 the wreck of a boat of the French colonizers, which had been watched and taken by storm by the Amazons.

These excursions can be organized, either from Cotonou, in this case our prices include the costs of transport Cotonou / Abomey round trip by air-conditioned car , or possibly as part of a circuit in Benin where these visits can take place. integrate into your circuit program.

Abomey, the capital of Dahomé

Abomey, the historic capital of BENIN, formerly called the Dahomey country of West Africa, has known over the centuries successive kings who ensured the development of a powerful and prosperous kingdom. Today the city of Abomey brings together 10 royal palaces grouped together in the same complex and classified UNESCO in 1985 as world cultural heritage.
If the current king no longer has political power within the framework of modern Benin, he remains the The king the guarantor of the perpetuation of the regular development of customs and traditions on the site of the royal palaces of Abomey, he manages the Vodun cult in through the different heads of worship.

Discover the history of the Dahomey kingdom

Abomey historic capital was a center of power until colonization the political, economic and cultural center of Dahomé. This position has contributed over the centuries to the development of activities that contributed to the notoriety of Abomey beyond the borders of Benin.

The voodoo cult was the religion of the rulers, so you can discover many temples and sacred places that allowed the practice of voodoo cult,

The integration during the different reigns of the kingship of the Danhomè of the knowledge and creativity of war captives, this is how any slave who mastered an art or a cult was kept to put his knowledge at the service of the king and the people that traditional craftsmanship has a great importance in Abomey, this is how you can discover within the framework of our visits this type of traditional craftsmanship, from the forge and the jeweler, from the wall hanging, from the woodcarver , weaving, basketry, pottery, shoemaking and participating in dance shows .

Abomey is the story of the wars of conquest of the kingdom, but also the war against the French invader and the epic of the Amazons, elite troops composed exclusively of female warriors who fought fiercely against the French troops.

We invite you to discover all this fascinating history of Benin through visits and circuits accompanied by approved guides.

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