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Your tour in Benin in the north and south of Benin and Togo

Your trip to Benin is organized according to your wishes and your discovery goals. Your departure dates will be ours, we adapt to your arrival and departure constraints and we will organize your trip accordingly.

Our concept is to give you details of each day of your organized trip to Benin and Togo to allow you to discover the organization of your trip and to have all the elements concerning the costs of the various services of your stay before signing the contract.  

The organization of your stay in Benin

The services offered as part of your tailor-made trip to Benin

As standard, our "all-inclusive" circuits include transport, fuel, guides, entry to tourist sites, your accommodation including breakfast and dinner, some excursions include lunch, in particular the safari in the park of the Pendjari.

Our tours to visit Benin and Togo

By choosing a tourist circuit in Benin or multi-states in Togo, you will discover Benin and Togo, authentic Africa through traditions, culture and fauna in welcoming countries.
However, we can adapt the tour to your requirements and take into account your wishes and preferences, particularly in terms of type of accommodation or additional activities to allow you to benefit from a tailor-made trip that will give you full pleasure.



A tailor-made trip to Benin to meet the traditions and history of the Beninese

10 days - 9 nights - dates at your convenience - Period all year round (Recommended for the voodoo festival on January 10)

You are accompanied by a tourist guide as part of this circuit in southern Benin. You will stay in the lakeside village of Ganvié on Lake Nokoué; then you will visit the underground village of Agongointo-Zoungoudo dating from the 16th century and take a canoe trip in the Hlan forest in the vicinity of Bohicon, then you will spend the following day in the historic capital of the kingdom of Dahomey. You will continue your circuit towards Lake Ahémé and Possotomé, on the way you will discover local crafts in the villages. After sailing on Lake Ahémé, you will go to Grand Popo to relax on the beach and discover the Bouche du Roy by canoe. You will continue your tour towards Ouidah the capital of voodoo, to end your tour in Cotonou by visiting the Dantokpa market in particular.

This tour takes place in individual transport by sedan car or minibus.


Discover the landscape of southern Benin: its lakes, its mangroves and its inhabitants

8 days - 7 nights - dates at your convenience - Period all year

A tourist guide will accompany you during the duration of this tour in southern Benin. You will take the direction of the fishing route which runs along the sea at the exit of Cotonou, to meet the inhabitants of the fishing villages. In Ouidah you will take the route of the slave route to the door of no return and you will discover the mangroves in the Djonjdi lagoon by canoe. The next day, you embark to cross Lake Ahémé to Possotomé to visit the voodoo villages and be introduced to the making of cassava flour in a farming village. You will continue your trip to southern Benin by going down Lake Ahémé by canoe towards Grand Popo where you will have the opportunity to explore the small treasure islands up to your mouth. Then, you will drive to Abomey the former capital of the kingdom of Dahomey, then the next day to the colonial capital of Benin Porto-Novo to discover the kingdom of Yoruba and local crafts in Adjara. For your last day, you will embark at the port of Porto-Novo in a motorized canoe to visit Lake Nokoué and notably discover the lakeside village of Ganvié before going to the airport.

This tour takes place by individual transport by sedan car, 4x4 (depending on the season) or by minibus.

circuit mob.png

Visit southern Benin by moped (Zem) on foot or by canoe

From 10 to 14 days - dates at your convenience - Period all year

With your guide, you will travel the south of Benin in a zem or in a canoe, staying in villages with locals or in bivouacs. This original circuit will make you discover the traditions, the customs in the Beninese villages where you will be welcomed by a smiling population.
Your visit to Benin will begin at Ganvie on Lake NoKoué where you will discover the floating market, traditional fishing, then you will continue by the fishing route to meet fishermen in Avléketé, then you will cross Lake Ahéné towards Possotomé and discover the vodou villages around the lake. You will descend Lake Ahéné on a pirogue towards the sea to arrive at Grand Popo to admire the mangroves and the Bouche du Roye; You will continue your journey towards Ouidah, the world capital of voodoo worship to travel the slave route, Finally before returning to Cotonou, you will go to Tori in the bush to discover local agriculture and in particular the cultivation of cassava.

This circuit takes place in individual transport in Zem, canoe or bush taxis.


bivouac park pendjari.png

Pendjari Park, Tata somba, Ganvié, Ouidah, Porto-Novo

8 days - 7 nights - departure at your convenience

In the North: accompanied by an approved guide, your safari in BENIN, in 2 days, one night in a bivouac, the Tanougou falls, then a day in the Atakora to visit the tatas, and an artisanal butter factory in shea,

In the south : cross Lake Nokoué by pirogue from So Ava to Porto-Novo, then visit the craft industry in Adjara, and the last day visit Ouidah with the slave route and return by the fishing route.

The North / South transfer is provided by regular bus, on site 4x4 equipped for safari, in the south transport by sedan.


Ganvié, Porto-Novo, Pendjari Park, Boukoumbé, Abomey, Ouidah

10 days - 9 nights - departure at your convenience

In the North : your safari in Benin in 2 days one night (hotel or bivouac), return to the Tanougou waterfalls, 2 days in Atatkora and night in a tata in Boukoumé, on the return stop in Abomey to discover the palaces royal.

In the south :: Crossing Lake Nokoué by canoe from So Ava to Porto-Novo, then visit of the craft industry in Adjara, and the last day visit of Ouidah with the slave route and return by the fishing route

This tour is carried out in an individual vehicle (4x4 vehicle or minibus) from end to end, the safari in a converted vehicle .


Eco-tourism circuit in the south of Benin and Togo: discovering populations and landscapes

7 days - 6 nights - Departure at your convenience

This eco-tourism circuit in Benin and Togo will take you to the edge of LAC AHEME, after a night in a camp you will head to the village KINKINHOUE near the MONO river to meet the local population; the next day you will head to KPALIME to stay there 2 days and one night to admire hills with thick woods, deep valleys in the heart of the coffee and cocoa region, then return to GRAND POPO via LOME capital of Togo, where you can enjoy the beach in Benin before flying back to Cotonou.

This tour takes place by individual transport in 4x4 or minibus.

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