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 Cotonou car rental, 4X4, SUV

We have a wide range of 4x4 and SUV rental vehicles to rent with or without driver from Cotonou to meet all your business and tourist trips in Benin. We also offer a rental offer from Natitingou for your trips in Atacora and allow you to go on a safari in the Pendjari National Park. You can pay in euros by bank cards or bank transfer to a bank account in France, in FCFA by bank transfer to an account in Cotonou or in cash before your departure.

The different types of 4x4 vehicles

We have three main categories of 4x4 rental with driver in Benin ;;

4x4 tourist vehicles

4x4 pick up vehicles

4x4 vehicles fitted out for a safari.

How is the rental price of your 4x4 calculated

Our daily rates for our rentals are based on unlimited mileage. However, this daily price varies depending on the destination of your trip in BENIN but also in neighboring countries such as Togo, Burkina, or Niger.

4x4 tourist cars

In this category of 4x4 we have several models to travel up to 6 people. These 4x4 vehicles can be fitted with a gallery. Our offer is based around the Toyota brand, which performs very well in Africa, with 4runner, Prado, and Land Cruiser, and Dacia for small SUVs without driver.

However, the date of entry into circulation influences the daily rate. Our base prices are for vehicles that are 10 years old on average, but we can have luxury 4x4s that will be 2 years old with all the comforts.

4x4 pick-up vehicles

This all-terrain vehicle is very practical for visiting your construction sites in Benin. We have Toyota Hilux, fully equipped, covered with a rear ball to possibly tow a trailer.
This vehicle can carry up to 4 travelers in addition to our driver.

4x4 vehicles for a safari

This offer is only available from Natitingou. These 4x4 for safari with a capacity of up to 7 people are fitted out to facilitate your movements in the park and optimize observation. As part of a large group, we can assemble the number of vehicles corresponding to your needs.
These 4x4s are driven by licensed driver guides for the visit of the Pendjari park.

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