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As an extension of your safari in the Pendjari Park, you can continue your stay in the Atakora region either from your hotel in Natitingou, or by taking advantage of ecotourism structures installed in a tourist tata somba in the city of Boukoumbé or in a camp located in the villages of Tanéka to discover the traditional activities of the peoples of Somba and Tanéka and their traditional habitat.

What to visit in Natitingou in Atacora in northern Benin?


The Atacora chain is a mountain range located in the North-West of Benin. The Atakora consists of three peaks, Mount Sokbaro the highest point in the country with 658 meters above sea level on the border with Togo, and further south of Natitingou, Mount Tanéka


with 654 meters and finally Mount Birni.

You can go hiking, take a swim in the natural pools and discover the waterfalls , including the Tanongou waterfall which is near the road to Pendjari Park, or the kota waterfall south of Natitingou.

Meet the Somba people and their traditional habitat the Tata Somba

In the surroundings of Natitingou and towards Boukoumbé in the direction of Togo, you can admire the traditional dwellings of the tata somba, a sort of fortified castle consisting of a living room, a kitchen, an internal shower and bedrooms.


The tata somba has several floors, on the ground floor, a mill, a mortar, a living room where animals live (cattle, goats, etc.) and a bed for the head of the family who plays his role of guardian. On the first floor is the kitchen located and serves as a passage for access to the upper terrace. In the middle of this terrace is the room of the mother of the family, and of the children, on the top floor is the attic of the father of the family and that of the mother.

During your stay, the women will introduce you to their traditional women's activities, such as pottery, pipe making, herbal jewelry making, processing sorghum into beer, shea nuts into butter, soy into cheese , néré seeds in mustard, steaming rice.


In the main villages of Tanéka Béri and Tanéka Koko, you will discover the spiritual, cultural, religious and architectural richness of the inhabitants of Tanéka Béri with the spirit box, the places of audiences for each high dignitary, the vaults, the

cemetery of the kings of the Satchéka district, the enthronement hut, the sacred baobab tree.

You will be able to entrust any health problems to the healer and discover the elements that go into the framework of the care, the plants, the minerals, the animal remains, the fire and the deities solicited as spiritual assistance during the practices.

The kingdom of Djougou

Finally, further south of Natintingou about 80 km, discover the YAOU dynasties in the region of Djougou and its surroundings; visit the interior of the palace (queens, princes and princesses, the tombs of the former emperors, the deity of the palace, and learn the history of the founding of the kingdom of Djougou, the three cemeteries of the kingdom, the queen mother, the future queens and the link between the Tanéka kingdom and Djougou.

The duration of our excursions in Atacora will depend on the organization of your trip in the north of Benin.

These excursions are organized by local guides.

  • The excursions can be integrated into a South Benin tour North and you are picked up locally by the guide.

  • If you come to Natitingou by scheduled bus, we can organize excursions from Natitingou.

You will be accommodated in hotels in Natitingou and Djougou, and in ecotourist structures in Boukoumbé (tata-tourisme), and in the Ténéka villages.

Tourist sites in the Atakora region

How are our excursions in the Atacora organized?

Visit the Tanéka at Mount Tanéka

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