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Our management services in Benin

You want to invest in Africa, you have a business project in West Africa, especially in Benin. To respond to this business opportunity in Benin you must respond to calls for tenders, however you do not have complete information to write your offer to the principal in BENIN.
We can assist you in your approach through various services that will allow you to estimate and subsequently control the logistics of your employees during the duration of your project in BENIN.

Services in Benin tailored to your needs

Consultants in Benin to facilitate your installation

You wish to set up a subsidiary in Benin, we are able to assist you in all the steps to be taken with the various official bodies in Benin to create your establishment and support you in the day-to-day management and commercial development.

This assistance is available in three areas:

At the legal level

  • Project analysis,

  • Drafting of statutes,

  • Support in the various procedures in Benin,

  • Filing of articles of association,

  • Tax administration declaration,

  • Procedure for opening a bank account.

  • Protection of the trade name and brand in 17 African countries including Benin, file preparation and OAPI filing

  • Statutory business address


At management level

  • Accounting monitoring,

  • Filing of annual accounts,

  • Realization of pay slips, social declarations,

  • Staff recruitment.


At the commercial level

  • Business development,

  • Trade delegation,

  • Creation of your showcase and merchant website


Your company needs offices to carry out its mission in Benin, or to start a commercial activity in BENIN.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

We have several office rental solutions in Cotonou to meet your business needs in Benin.

Office rentals in Cotonou for short periods (less than 3 months) or discontinuously, we have shared office solutions with all associated services, especially internet and telephone.

Office rental in BENIN For long-term needs exceeding 3 months, we offer a turnkey service with the supply:

D art equipment (tables, desks, chairs, etc.)
M any communication, Internet and telephony
D e secretarial and translation
D e caretaking, cleaning and caretaking

Rental of equipped offices

PRADO 2015 3f.jpg

Car rental with driver in Benin

Your company needs reliable transport solutions for your expatriate employees, we have a variety of solutions for rental of vehicles with driver.
This rental service can include fuel packages, either fixed or flexible depending on the mileage traveled.
Rental can be done on a weekly basis for short-term contracts, or monthly for long-term contracts.

To know the details of our offer

Your company must expatriate to BENIN several collaborators to fulfill a mission of several months. Our real estate service in Cotonou offers you a turnkey solution with associated concierge services.

This concierge service is deployed à la carte according to the demands of your employees and your budget.

This turnkey accommodation rental service can include the following services:

L renting furnished apartment in Cotonou, or a house in Cotonou or a house in Cotonou or near,

The supply of kitchen utensils: cutlery, dishes, etc.

The supply of household linen: sheets, towels, etc.

The provision of service personnel providing housekeeping, cooking and daily shopping;
The supply of consumables: electricity, and water;
T he various subscriptions (television, Internet, etc.)
All the cleaning products.
T he current repairs: plumbing, various facilities

The minimum duration of this service is three consecutive months.

Renting apartments in Cotonou


Event planning

Your company wishes to organize sales meetings, a training session or a forum in Benin, we take care of such events,

Our service consists of providing you according to your needs:

The room,
The material necessary for the organization of the seminar
Catering service
Transport or reception logistics at Cotonou airport
The organization of entertainment or relaxation evenings

MP-SERVICES is committed to supporting you in Benin

Logistics to respond to your call for tenders in Benin.

We do not intervene in the valuation of your know-how which leads you to consider responding to a business opportunity in Benin. However, to have effective employees in the field who will give your company an image of seriousness and competence, you must make sure that your expatriate employees in Benin will work in good conditions, without having to manage local logistical constraints. We offer turnkey services, which we offer you to cost based on your specifications. Our turnkey solutions concerning the accommodation and daily life of your expatriate employees in Benin, the travel of your teams working in Benin, as well as all professional logistics (offices, secretariats, internet, etc.)

Guaranteed contracts with suitable commercial conditions

Our turnkey solutions allow your employees or expatriates in Benin to devote themselves exclusively to the mission for which your company has been selected.

Clear contracts with detailed services

The details of the services are defined in a contract with an initial duration depending on the type of turnkey solution chosen in Benin: car rental, apartment rental, office rental.
Our contracts can be denominated in euros or in FCFA;

Diversified means of payment to facilitate the management of your turnkey contract in Benin.

Our organization allows us to offer you various payment methods domiciled in BENIN, by bank transfer with fees or in France, by bank transfer or any method of payment offered in the SEPA zone.

Payment terms adapted to your turnkey contract

The payment conditions are adapted to each service. The same contract may have different payment terms depending on the type of service. These differentiated conditions modes are contractualized.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

For companies that come to Benin on a regular basis and subscribe to car rental or office rental contracts in Cotonou for short periods, we suggest that you open an account that will allow your company to pay the bills. services upon receipt of invoices.

MP-Services a Franco-Beninese company listening to businesses

We are structured to meet the demands of foreign companies wishing to develop business in Benin.
We support them by setting up turnkey solutions in terms of, rental of apartments and offices in Cotonou or throughout the territory of Benin, office rental, vehicle rental (sedan, SUV 4x4 , minibus, or bus) from Cotonou.
To respond efficiently to our customers' requests, our sales department is based in France, which allows us to guarantee a response to all your requests within 12 hours.

MP-Services Cotonou
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