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Our travel agency in Benin offers you over 10 days and 9 nights to discover the tourist wealth in Benin by traveling the country from south to north of the country. This tourist circuit in Benin , offers in the north a photo safari in Benin in the Pendjari park over 2 days and one night, to discover the region of Atakora, the tanougou falls, the tata sombas and to participate in local activities over 2 days and one night
In the south, this trip to Benin will take you on Lake Noukoué by motorized pirogue to Porto-Novo, you will discover
the green Venice of Africa, the lakeside village of Ganvié, the activity of fishermen, the mangrove , then you will disembark in the port of Porto-Novo, and continue your site towards Adjara to meet its artisans and in particular the traditional manufacturers of tamtams . You end your trip with the history of Ouidah by taking the road the slave route then you return to the airport by taking the fishing route before taking the plane in the evening.

The conditions for carrying out your safari in Benin

The description of your tour in Benin

AEROPORT cotonou.jpg

Welcome upon arrival at Cotonou airport

Day 1

We welcome you at Cotonou airport. On this occasion you will meet your driver who will accompany you throughout your trip.

Transfer to your hotel in Cotonou chosen by yourself or the one that we will have reserved for your account in Cotonou.

Know the different reception and accommodation options


Crossing Lake Nokoué, visit of Ganvie village Benin, Porto-Novo Benin and Adjara

Day 2

From So Ava, discover the green Venice of Africa in a motorized canoe and, with your Boniface guide, discover the traditional activities of the Lake, the floating market, fishermen, sailing canoes, the mangrove, disembarkation in the port of Porto-Novo, then continuation of the day towards Adjara to be introduced to local crafts (making tamtams), visit of the raffia forest,

evening return to Cotonou by road.


Cotonou trip to Natitingou in the North of Benin

Day 3

Departure from the hotel around 7 am to go to Natitingou, the journey takes the day to cover the 650 km. You will discover Benin in all its diversity. The driver will recommend you to stop for lunch in a traditional maquis.

On your arrival in Natitingou, you will be greeted by Adamou the responsible guide

the organization of your safari.


First day of your BENIN safari night in the Pendjari park

Day 4

Your guide will pick you up from the hotel in Natitingou with his vehicle fitted out for your photo safari. To access the Pendjari Park, you will cross the mountains of the Atacora range for a distance of 90 km before arriving at the entrance to the park. You will spend the night in the heart of the park in a bivouac as close as possible to the wildlife. Your movements in the park will be conditioned

by your observation objectives and by the season.


Second day of your photo safari, visit of the Tanougou waterfalls

Day 5

The program for your second day of safari in the Pendjari Park will be established with your guide according to your objectives and the previous day. On the way back you will stop at the Tanougou Falls. You could possibly take a dip there.

In the evening you will spend the night in your hotel in Natitingou.


Travel from Natitingou to Boukoumbé night Tata somba Boukoumbé

Day 6

After breakfast departure towards. You will have the opportunity to visit the tata-sombas (traditional dwellings), to meet the fetishist in Boukoumbé. You will have the opportunity to discover or participate in traditional local activities.

In the evening you will sleep in a traditional tata-somba fitted out for

reception of tourists.

kota falls .jpg

Discovered the Atacora region night in Natitingou

Day 7

For this second day you continue the program established with your guide. This day can be devoted to a walk in the hills of Atakora, to discover the natural swimming pool, the local flora and fauna.


Trip to Benin from Natitingou to Abomey, night in Abomey

Day 8

After breakfast in Natitingou, you will begin your return to the south of Benin. You will cross the country through Parakou, then the road will lead you to the land of hills where you will see the Trois Mamelles de Savè and continue towards Dassa-zoumé before arriving after more than 500 km

in Abomey the historic capital of Benin where you will spend the night.

amazons ABOMEY.jpg

Travel Benin, the kings of Abomey, palaces, Cotonou night crafts

Day 9

Abomey, the historic capital of Dahomey, accompanied by a guide, discover the rich history of the kingdom of Dahomey, with a visit to the museum, the royal palaces and the epics of the Amazons during the colonization war. Through traditional and modern crafts you can admire the artistic talents of local artisans. Finally your guide will take you to the drying center

tropical fruits before leaving for Cotonou at the end of the afternoon.


Visit of Ouidah Benin return fishing route in the evening airport drop-off

Day 10

If you are leaving in the morning , we will pick you up and take you to the airport.

If you go in the evening , we suggest that you take you to Ouidah for this last day to discover the slave route. Your return will be via the fishing route.

Before you drop off at the airport for your return.

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