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A travel agency based in Benin, which provides you with all the guarantees of a large international travel agency in your country. You will be live with all the actors of tourism in Benin, car rental in Benin, the guides of Benin, the tourist offices of the country.

Your tailor-made trip to Benin

A la carte services, a commercial service based in France, very responsive, which responds to your requests in less than 12 hours. All your requests are subject to quality monitoring through clear and perfectly identified responses.
No estimate is established without first identifying your needs or your project.
Because your need is unique, we bring you an exclusive answer, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Because your stay in Benin is unique and your needs are specific, we analyze your request as part of a proven analysis process to perfectly meet your needs.

Your trip to Benin is unique!

Your request

Listening to your needs

Your quote

Your contract

Your reservation

Your welcome in Benin

The safety of your trip to BENIN with MP-SERVICES Cotonou

Services to facilitate your stay in Benin

Because of our sales delegation based in France, we are able to provide you with management facilities in the preparation and progress of your trip to Benin,
For customers located in the SEPA zone , contracts in euros free of charge with secure payment methods such as transfer or direct debit mandate free of charge;
For customers located in the rest of the world , contracts in euros with payments by credit card via our trusted third party PAYPAL;
D are simplified and quick refund procedures in the event of cancellation of your trip or overpayment through a fuel package.

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