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Passenger car with VTC driver

Our taxi cab solution in Cotonou meets your needs for short or regular trips in Cotonou. You are staying in Cotonou for your business and you have to travel for different appointments in the city and your schedule does not require the rental of a car with driver for the day. Our VTC taxi service perfectly meets this need.

VTC rental offers in Cotonou adapted to each need.

We offer you solutions through various packages that meet your specific needs, run errands in the city, go to an appointment, and make regular trips to and from work in the morning or evening, or simply go out on the road. Cotonou city and evening or all night.

The reservation of this service is made online in real time and you can pay for your VTC rental online by credit card for payments in euros or for payments in FCFA by cash transfer like mobile money

VTC shopping package

duration 4 hours


18,009  F

€ 29

You want to go shopping in the city of Cotonou, you as a tourist want to discover places to buy gifts

Our SHOPPING PACKAGE formula meets your needs:

Our driver will pick you up from your hotel or your home, he will drive you to the shops in Cotonou or to the craft center.

He advises you on the best places to buy,

He takes care of your packages,

He drops you off at your hotel or home.

This service is provided with a sedan car with driver, fuel included, maximum 4 people

VTC Réunion package

Duration 4 hours

Y ou have a city Cotonou meeting or a business lunch, you know the duration of this mission.
Our MEETING PACKAGE responds to this need, we offer:

Pick-up from your home or hotel, Drive you to your meeting point in Cotonou,
The driver will meet you during your meeting or lunch, then escort you back to your home or hotel.
This service is provided with a sedan car, fuel is included, maximum 4 people.

14  904  F

24  €

VTC trip package

Maximum duration 1 hour in Cotonou

You must come to your work or to a meeting.

Our VTC trip PACKAGE can meet this need.
We suggest you pick up at your home or hotel, drive you to your destination in Cotonou. The driver drops you off.
This service is provided with a sedan car, fuel is included, the driver does not wait. 4 people maxi
You can subscribe to several trips online.

7 452 F

€ 12

VTC evening package

Duration 4 hours - Maximum midnight

You want to go out in the city of Cotonou to go to a restaurant or have a cocktail.

This package responds to this demand.

The driver takes care of you at your home or at your Hotel in Cotonou, he accompanies you during the evening.

This service is provided with a sedan, fuel is included, maximum 4 people

31,050 F

50 €

VTC night package

You want to party all night long in Cotonou .

from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

We offer you our NIGHT VTC package
The driver picks you up from your home or hotel at 10 p.m., and accompanies you all the way until 6 a.m.
You are guaranteed to return home, even when very tired.
The service is provided with a sedan, fuel is included, maximum 4 people.

77 004 F

€ 124

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