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Tourism in Africa in Benin

You want an African adventure, to discover Africa its traditions, its fauna. You want to go on an African safari or discover African cults such as voodoo; do not hesitate you will find all tourist Africa in Benin at five hours by plane from Paris.

photo safaris

Voodoo ceremonies

The lakeside villages

African cuisine

Traditional dances and music

Kings and royal palaces

BENIN a destination to discover

Benin a quiet country in West Africa

A trip to BENIN is to guarantee you a change of scenery, it is also going to meet a past rich in history, and discover a deep African culture.

Benin is a country in West Africa stable Africa which over the years political alternation is a rule that founds the balance and harmony of the country.

Benin with an area of 112,600 km2 for a population of 6 million inhabitants is located on the edge of the Gulf of Guinea in the intertropical zone between the equator and the northern tropic.

Its geographical location, its stable political environment, make Benin a real tourist destination which offers a variety of opportunities both in terms of the seaside with its beaches of coconut palms with fine sand, discovery activities by canoe on rivers and streams. lakes with traditional fishing grounds, visiting lakeside villages with houses on stilts, historical museums relating the history of the country at the time of Dahomey and the slave trade, abundant flora and fauna, especially in the parks national reserves with the Pendjari park, the W Park in the north, without forgetting the voodoo cult, and folklore around the dances and traditional music of BENIN.

Your trip to can be organized all year round, however the best time of year to travel to BENIN is between December to April, the temperature will be between 30 and 35 degrees in Cotonou.

A trip to BENIN à la carte

We invite you to discover the tourist riches of Benin according to your travel habits abroad while guaranteeing you safety and comfort.

F or travelers who like improvisation, we offer you an air-conditioned vehicle with a driver who will take you to the destination of your choice according to the schedule that you will have determined yourself.

F or travelers who want to master their program while setting a budget before departure , we offer a suitable vehicle with the driver and excursions previously chosen to be reserved before your departure.

F or travelers who want to discover BENIN following a program established by us, we offer different tours from southern BENIN to northern BENIN depending on the length of your trip TO BENIN.

Diversified and secure means of payment

We suggest that you pay for your trip to Benin, either in euros by credit card via our trusted third party PAYPAL, or by bank transfer or direct debit in the SEPA zone, or in FCFA by bank transfer with fees or in cash.

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