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Cotonou car rental without driver 

Looking for a car rental in Cotonou without driver! It is possible with Benin Voyage Afrique Online. Indeed we have in our fleet of vehicles for hire, small city cars perfectly adapted to rental without a driver. However, if you do not know Cotonou, or if you have no driving experience in Benin, we advise you first to rent your vehicle with driver.

How to choose your car rental in Cotonou?

Your car trips in Cotonou

If you are alone or a couple with one or two children and stay exclusively in Cotonou, our city-dweller is sufficient to move around the city of Cotonou. However, if there are more of you, you should consider renting a larger car and under these conditions the rental will be with a driver.

Your car trips in Benin

If you want to travel outside Cotonou to reach the main cities of the country without leaving the main roads, our city cars and our sedans will be sufficient. However, the driver will be essential if you do not have driving experience in Benin because of the importance of truck traffic especially in the direction of northern Benin. However, during the rainy season (from June to September) certain axes are not recommended for classic cars due to the muddy state of the roads, in this case it is advisable to opt for a 4x4.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Combine car rental in Cotonou without driver and 4x4 equipped for your safari

If you want to go on a safari, you can go to the north by car without a driver, on site you will be supported by our guides equipped with vehicles adapted for the observation and vision of wildlife in the Pendjari park. . As part of a safari in the Pendjari park, we can combine the classic car to go to Natitingou and a 4x4 specially equipped for your safari in the Pendjari park.

The rental car models offered from Cotonou.

The models of car rental in Cotonou without driver are of the type LOGAN RENAULT less than five years old. Rental without driver requires the payment of a deposit. All other car models are available for rental with driver and without payment of a deposit. Rental rates vary depending on the age of the vehicle. All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, they are serviced regularly and are in order with technical controls.

Book your car rental in Cotonou online

We offer 2 solutions to book your car rental from Cotonou, either you ask us for a quote by leaving us your email address in the form below (response within 12 hours), or you book online by real time.

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