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Your car rental contract with driver in Benin

Through its rental contract, MP-SERVICES commits to its services, through its general conditions of sale, within the framework of contracts of a few days to a few months with guaranteed continuity of service, secure and diversified means of payment.


The service consists of providing the customer with a vehicle with a driver speaking at least French and knowing BENIN perfectly. 
The vehicle is in running order, well maintained by its owner and has a technical inspection certificate of less than one year. 
Vehicle rental takes place during the day between 6 and 8 p.m., without however exceeding the 10 hours of availability and 8 hours of driving during the day. 
From 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., vehicle rental with driver is billed at a higher rate depending on the type of use.
In the event of breakdown or damage which immobilizes the driver and his car for more than 2 hours, a replacement procedure can be implemented.


2.1 -All rentals start in Cotonou, except in the case of a safari in northern Benin where rentals start in Natitingou. The basic pricing for vehicle rental is the day from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. with unlimited mileage, the pricing includes the rental of the vehicle on COTONOU intramural and the provision of a driver under the conditions defined in the art. 1.1. The daily pricing is increased for rentals EXCLUDING COTONOU (south, center, west, north).
Fuel, tolls and taxes are not included in the base rental price.
2.2- The rental of vehicles at night is understood between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. You can rent evening packages from 20 to 24 hours, or night packages if the driver and the car are made available after MIDNIGHT. In the event that the driver is obliged to continue his activity beyond 8 p.m., the rate is applied after 8 p.m. depending on the length of time the excess is exceeded.
2.3 - The rental of a vehicle outside Cotonou over one day is carried out under the conditions defined in art. 1; In the case of a vehicle rental outside Cotonou over several days, the price of the driver's accommodation must be added to the base rate except for the last day.
2.4 -The rental of the vehicle does not include fuel, however you can subscribe to fuel packages, in which case your driver will pay for the fuel at the pump for you.
During the rental, the fuel package may be adjusted, under the following conditions: -Modification of the official fuel price at the pump, - In the event of a difference in mileage of + or - 50 km; the adjustments will be made on the basis of the information recorded by the driver on the journey sheet each day and signed by the customer.


Vehicle rental reservations are made online, however you can ask the Call Center or email the reservation service to provide you with a quote for the service you are looking for.
3.1- Automatic reservation: The reservation system allows you to choose your vehicle, your routes, and your options. The reservation system identifies the car, the 4X4 and the minibus that is the object of your rental, however in the event of last minute technical difficulty, the vehicle can be replaced by an equivalent vehicle. Vehicle rentals, and optional services, are centralized in a basket, after validating your basket, you receive an email confirming your rental OPTIONS for your car, 4x4 or minibus; You have 5 days to confirm your OPTION by paying a 30% deposit via PAYPAL,
3.2 Manual reservation: An estimate is established according to your request made, either by email or by filling out a form accessible on the website, after acceptance of the estimate, you receive a contract which defines the reservation and payment conditions. The payment of the deposit upon reservation implies acceptance of the reservation contract, in the event that you choose payment by SEPA direct debit mandate, you have a withdrawal period of 7 days after sending your bank details by email. ;


4.1- Contracts denominated in euros are invoiced in euros and benefit from a performance guarantee via our TRUSTED THIRD PARTY (for payments by bank card) which allows to benefit in particular from a reimbursement guarantee in the event of cancellation or modification of a contract during execution. For other payment methods, you must provide your details and your bank details to benefit from the performance guarantee. These refunds are made, either by crediting the bank card, in the case of a bank card payment, or by bank transfer if the payment was made by bank transfer or direct debit.
In addition to the price of the service, invoicing in EUROS includes the costs of trusted third parties, collection costs, transfer costs and exchange costs. Each financial transaction is subject to a detailed account statement.
4.2 - Contracts denominated in CFA F, do not include transfer and exchange costs, they are at your expense, furthermore these contracts are not covered by the performance guarantee.


The choice of method and terms of payment are defined by the contract:
5.1 - Contracts denominated in euros: You have several payment methods, by credit card, bank transfer or SEPA direct debit mandate, subject to your file being accepted by our IMT-SERVICES delegatee.
5.2- contract in CFA F: you have two payment methods, by transfer with payment of transfer and exchange fees, in cash in CFA francs, for cash payments in foreign currencies the amount will be calculated on the purchase price of currency by the bank.

Terms of cancelation

and termination

of our rental contracts


For any cancellation made FIFTEEN DAYS before your pick-up date, you can benefit from the reimbursement of your deposit under the conditions defined below, after this period the deposit remains acquired from MP-SERVICES.
6.1 - Cancellation within the deadlines: entitles you to a refund of your deposit, less the reservation costs. The refund will be made by PAYPAL by credit, your bank card or your PAYPAL account
4x4 Cotonou rental, payment by bank transfer or bank transfer, less reservation and reimbursement fees. These fees correspond to 6% of the amount of the reservation plus 2 euros per reimbursement. For customers who have chosen the SEPA direct debit mandate, the cancellation fees are 10% after the withdrawal period;
6.2 - Cancellation after the deadline: the 30% deposit paid at the time of booking will be acquired by MP-SERVICES, for cancellations 24 hours after the start of the service, the costs are increased from the first day of service. For customers who have chosen the SEPA direct debit mandate, the cancellation fees are 30% after the first due date, and increased by the first day of service in the event of a cancellation 24 hours before the start of the service.


Art.8: ATTRIBUTION OF JURISDICTION : Any dispute relating to the execution and interpretation of these commercial conditions is the responsibility of the competent court of Cotonou, even in the event of multiple defenders.

However, disputes concerning the execution of contracts denominated in euros or in another currency, fall under the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Angers 49000 France exclusive domiciliation of payments.

Our car rental services with driver

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Our vehicle rental contracts with driver

7.1 - Automatic termination by MP-SERVICES: MP-SERVICES can pronounce automatic termination of the contract for reasons of serious breaches by the customer during performance of the contract, or in the event of non-payment of the defined down payments. by this contract. The termination indemnity will be 30% of the amount of the contract. This compensation will be deducted from the reimbursement of sums already paid by the customer at the time of the termination date.
7.2 Termination during the contract by the customer: A termination during the execution of the contract by the customer gives rise to the payment of a termination indemnity in favor of MP-SERVICES in an amount equal to 25% of the amount of the contract. This compensation is deducted from the sums actually collected and reimbursed to the customer (excluding supplements).

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