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Spend your holidays in Benin and take advantage of our guided tours of tourist sites in Benin, for example in the south of Benin, you can visit Ouidah the capital of voodoo in Benin , and discover the slave route ; the fishing village of Ganvié on Lake Nokoué in the vicinity of Cotonou, in the center of Benin, we suggest visiting Abomey and its royal palaces, or further west towards Togo, Grand Popo and its sea turtles , in the north of Benin, we organize your safari in the Pendjari National Park .

Benin tourist sites

Your tailor-made trip to BENIN

à la carte

Before leaving for BENIN, we give you the opportunity to choose excursions in the tourist regions of your choice.

These original tourist excursions are organized in the company of guides approved by the Benin tourist site you are visiting.


These excursions can take place over the whole day depending on the program you set up and the time you want to devote to it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In general, these excursions aim to make you discover a particular theme around the culture and tradition of Benin.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The excursion includes:

The visit to the tourist site of Benin (entry fee)

The local guide,

D are complementary activities (dances, traditional activities, etc .., depending on the theme

T lunch if the tour takes place on the day.

If you do not have transport, pick-up can be done at your hotel under the conditions previously defined.


What to visit in the south of Benin?

We offer tourist excursions

from 4 to 7 hours from Cotonou. These excursions will

will lead to LAKE NOKOUE (Ganvié) with these canoe trips; towards Porto-Novo the administrative capital of BENIN and in particular the village of Adjarra where you will discover the traditional manufacture of tam-tam;

Towards Ouidah by possibly taking the fishing route to discover the mangrove by canoe, the manufacture of salt, you may have the opportunity to participate in a traditional fishing trip. In Ouidah, we organize a voodoo ceremony for you and a visit to traditional voodoo sacred places. Finally the guide will present the history of the city of Ouidah and the slave trade which is at the origin of the development of the city.

The touristic places

in the center of Benin

Abomey, the historic capital of Benin, former capital of Dahomey with its royal palaces which cover an area of 47 ha and is made up of ten palaces built next to each other and others superimposed, following the succession to the throne. We offer excursions on various historical themes of Benin, in particular on the war of colonization, the Amazons, you can also attend traditional dance shows, especially in the evening the exit of Zangbéto . In the surroundings, we propose to visit by pirogue in the forest of HLAN to meet the monkeys, underground village of 7 ha built by the old kings, drying center for tropical fruits

What to discover

west of Benin

In the direction of Togo, on the inter-state road towards Lomé, make a stop at Grand Popo, to discover its immense beaches, the Mono river, the estuary of the mouth of the king, the sea turtles from November to january . Navigate by canoe in the lagoon to discover the mangroves. You will have the opportunity to discover the traditional activities and culture of the Xwla and Xweda people.

Safari in the North of Benin

and the Atakora

Natitingou 605 km north of Cotonou, you arrive in the Atokora region. The tourist site par excellence for the organization of your safari in the Pendjari park , you can extend your stay by visiting the TATA-SOMBAS in the Boukoumbé region. You can entrust us with the complete organization of your safari, we will take care of all the reservations (park entrance, guide, 4x4, accommodation).

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