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Tourist site in Benin in the south

From  Cotonou visit the main tourist sites of southern Benin as part of a tailor-made circuit over several days with or without a certified guide or organized visits over a day with local guides. You define the themes of your trip : tradition, voodoo, slave trade, history, current life and we create your tailor-made trip. These tourist visits will take you  to  Cotonou to discover its various markets with a break at the restaurant to enjoy Beninese cuisine, its fishing route , Lake Nokoué by canoe with the lake villages in particular Ganvié to discover in particular the techniques of  fishing, in Porto-Novo , a city steeped in history,   former colonial capital and political capital today, in Ouidah , world capital of voodoo in Benin and center of the slave trade in its time, in Grand Pop with its mangroves and the Bouche du Roi, in Abomey, capital of the kingdom of Dahomey until colonization with its royal palaces listed as heritage of UNESCO.

How to visit the tourist sites of Benin located in the south

We are able to respond according to your schedule in Cotonou, either during a seminar, evening during your business trips, if you have to spend a weekend in Cotonou.

For each situation, we organize a tourist program adapted to your schedule.

If you are participating or if you are organizing a seminar in Cotonou, we organize tailor-made one-day or half-day relaxation programs, with hotel pick-up for groups and individuals.

If you are on a business trip, and you have subscribed to our organization for car rental with driver, or without driver, we can complete our service with tailor-made tourist excursions according to your availability schedule.

If you want to go sightseeing in Benin, with your family or in a group, we organize your circuit, including transport, accommodation, visits with certified guides, and specific activities (dances, voodoo ceremonies, royal audience, etc. .), to discover the rich culture and history of Benin

Do not hesitate to consult us, we certainly have the solution!

Our different tourist programs from Cotonou

You are starting your trip or you are passing through Cotonou, in a seminar for several days, on a business trip, we have an adapted program that takes place according to your schedule, your availability, and your objectives.

Cotonou tourism

For groups we offer a city tour to discover the main squares and markets of Cotonou. This circuit can be accompanied by a dinner or lunch show in a traditional maquis.

You can also discover the fishing route with its long beach of fine sand and lined with coconut palms. We offer visits to fishing villages with participation in a traditional fishing trip.

The Green Venice of West Africa Ganvié (Lac Nokoué)

  We offer outings in motorized canoes with a specialized guide. You will have the opportunity to discover life in the fishing villages, the fauna and in particular the different species of birds that inhabit Lake Nokoué, in particular the night heron dormitory, but also all the fishing activity surfing the lake. de Ganvié, or the sacred river.  To make these different excursions on Lake Nokoué (also called the Venice of Africa), it takes between 4 and 6 hours. For excursions that last 6 hours we plan the picnic on the canoe.

The world center of voodoo: Ouidah

The city of Ouidah is the world capital of the traditional Beninese cult "voodoo". The city of Ouidah also owes its development to the slave trade over the past centuries.

We offer guided tours around these two themes :

  The slave route to the door of no return located by the sea, formerly the slave boarding pier.

On voodoo, with the visit of sacred places, of the spiritual leader, and we can organize ceremonies to introduce you to voodoo rituals.

These original and exclusive excursions last between 4 and 7 hours and we provide the traditional meal for visits that last all day.

The former colonial capital of Dahomey: Porto Novo

The city with three names, Porto-Novo is the political capital of Benin. You will discover the history of the city over the centuries its Afro-Brazilian architecture, you can also visit the Goun and Yoruba kings and visit the royal palaces. You have the possibility of making a detour by the Songhaï center, agricultural research center.

You can continue your tour to the village of Adjarra near Porto-Novo to visit local craftsmen, in particular the manufacturers of Tamtams, taste the local cuisine in a traditional restaurant and sail in a canoe on the black river in the middle of the raffia forest.

Grand Popo tourist site

Located to the west in the direction of Togo, you will discover its immense lagoon which you will visit while sailing on the Mono river in a canoe to the mouth of the king. We give you the opportunity to reach Grand Popo by canoe from Ouidah.   Depending on the season, you can discover sea turtle hatcheries on Grand Popo beach and attend the sea turtle festival on January 8, or attend the voodoo festival on January 10 or the Pentecost at the identity celebration of the Xwla and Xweda community, the Nonvitcha.

The capital of the Kingdom of Dahomey: Abomey

In Abomey you will discover the whole history of the Dahomey kingdom which has become Benin, by visiting the 10 royal palaces grouped together in the same complex and classified by UNESCO in 1985 as world cultural heritage. The expansion of the kingdom thanks to the wars of conquest, then by the development of the slave trade, and the fall of the kingdom in 1892 after bitter fights against the French colonizer and the deportation of King Béhanzin in Martinique

Other tourist sites in southern Benin

We have the opportunity to complete your tourist program with visits to Possotomé on the shores of Lake Ahémé, to make a stop at Allada, the ancient kingdom from which the ancestors of Toussaint Louverture originated, to make you discover the production and the artisanal transformation agricultural products in the Tori region .

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