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Your trip to Benin adapted to the constraints of COVID-19 measures

As part of the organization of your tailor-made trip to Benin, we suggest two types of travel organization to Benin to take into account the constraints related to tets # Covid19 on your arrival at Cotonou airport and on departure from Cotonou.

What organization for your tailor-made tour in Benin

A first stay in Benin oriented around the Vodou festival with a fixed date of departure to allow you to participate in the official festivities of Ouidah, and a second circuit in Benin including a safari in the Pendjari National Park and the discovery of the traditions of North, then the visit of the main tourist sites of Benin in the south.


Take part in the voodoo party on January 10 in Ouidah and visit the sea turtles in Grand Popo

This circuit takes place over 9 days, in individual transport with driver, under the conditions of compliance with the COVID-19 barrier measures applicable in Benin. All tours are accompanied by an experienced guide. Accommodation is in a hotel in the category of your choice.

  1. January 8, 2021 : Arrival at the airport, formality, VIP test near the airport , transfer to your hotel

  2. January 9, 2021 : Visit Cotonou and Collect your passport and negative test result (You must make sure you are negative before your departure, to avoid any blockages)

  3. January 10, 2021 : participation in the official ceremonies of the voodoo festival in Ouidah

  4. January 11, 202 1: visit of Lake Ahémé and night in Possotomé

  5. January 12, 2021 : Visit of Grand Popo, the King's Mouth sea turtles, night in Grand Popo

  6. January 13, 2021 : Return to Cotonou at the Palais des Congrès for the PCR test , then boarding at Abomey-Calavi for the lakeside village of Ganvié, night in Ganvié

  7. JANUARY 14, 2021 : you will spend the day on Lake Nokoué and night in Ganvié

  8. JANUARY 15, 2021 : Crossing Lake Nokoué to the port of Porto-Novo, and visit of Porto-Novo and Adjarra, then return to Cotonou, night in Cotonou

  9. On January 16, 2021 , visit Cotonou and pick up the PCR test result at the Palais des Congrès before being dropped off at the airport for your return


A Safari in the Pendjari National Park and discovery of the traditions of southern Benin

This tour takes place, over a period of between 10 to 13 days depending on the options you can choose, in individual transport with driver under the conditions defined by the COVID-19 barrier measures in Benin. All visits are carried out in the company of an experienced and rigged guide

  • D1 : Arrival at the airport and VIP PCR test

  • D2 : Visit of Cotonou and recovery of your passport

  • D3 : Departure to the North, night in Natitingou

  • D4 : Departure for your safari in the Pendjari park, night in the park at the Lodge or in a bivouac (we provide the equipment)

  • D5 : Continuation of the safari and return to Natitingou in the evening

  • D6 : Departure for Abomey and night in Abomey

  • Day 7: Visit of the royal palaces, starting early in the afternoon to make the PCR test at the convention center in e soiré

  • D8 : Visit of Ouidah the world capital of voodoo, night in Cotonou

  • D9 : Visit of Porto-Novo and Adjarra, night in Cotonou

  • D10 : Visit of Ganvié, recovery of the result of the PCR test at the Palais des Congrès and drop off at the airport


As an option , in the north you can extend by visiting the region of Atakora and Boukoumbé (one or two days), or the villages of Tanéka (one day).


Travel to Benin in the south in the heart of the bush by moped from 1000 € per person (minimum 2 people)

This original trip takes place by moped or canoe (a vehicle to transport luggage) over 9 days 8 nights in Benin. You will discover at the rhythm of your travels the bush, the activities of the villagers, the lagoon, the culture, the tropical fruits. The circuit is organized in compliance with the COVID-19 barrier measures defined in Benin. You are accompanied throughout the tour by a licensed guide.

D1: Arrival at the airport and VIP PCR Test

D2: Visit of Ganvié and Collecting your passport

D3: Departure from the kingdom of Allada through the pineapple fields (50 km)
D4: Direction Abomey the historic capital of Dahomey through the Lama forest and its red-bellied monkeys (80 km)
D5: Continue to Lokossa and Lake Doukon to meet the hippos! (80 km).
D6 : Direction Grand Popo by the sea by taking the beautiful red track, you cross the villages, you will discover the production of palm oil and visit the markets (70 km)
D7 You will continue towards Ouidah by canoe through the lagoon
D8 : After visiting Ouidah the world capital of voodoo, you will head to Cotonou by taking the fishing route,
VIP PCR test on arrival.
D9: Visit of Cotonou, the artisanal center, recovery of the result of the PCR test and drop off at the airport



The conditions for your trip to Benin

The programs are indicative and are established on the basis of the COVID-19 barrier measures known on December 1, 2020.

These programs are indicative and can be modified according to your request and the barrier measures applicable on the day of your arrival.

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