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What to do on vacation in Benin ?


Bénin Voyage Afrique Online, organizes your trip to Benin to make you discover tourism in Benin through free or integrated circuits . We offer you predefined guided excursions in each tourist site in Benin that allow you to compose your à la carte circuit, choose one of our integrated circuits according to your desires for discoveries and the duration of your stay in BENIN.

Search tourist circuit in Benin:

We have established circuits that integrate the main tourist sites of Benin from south to north, or only in the south and inter-states with Togo . However, these circuits can be arranged at your convenience , both in terms of dates, duration and organization. You have the solution to create your own circuit by choosing your destinations The choice is yours!

Travel to Benin in the south and Togo

Authentic circuits that will take you from Cotonou to Ganvié, then Abomey, Possotomé, Gand Popo, and Ouidah, which will make you discover the populations, traditions, culture, as well as the mangroves, lagoons and lakes of southern Benin and wildlife in their natural environment.

Discover the fauna and flora in southern Benin!

possotome restaurant at theo.png

A circuit over 8 days 7 nights, from Cotonou you go to Ouidah by taking the fishing route which borders the Atlantic Ocean, and you will discover the activity of the fishing villages. In Ouidah you will visit the main places of voodoo worship, and you will take the slave route, before embarking on a canoe to cross Lake Ahémé to Possotomé, after a night at the lake you will join Grand Popo, with its fine sand beach and its lagoon. You will continue your journey going up to Abomey the capital of the kingdom of Dahomey before descending to Porto-Novo the political capital of Benin. The last day you will reach the lakeside village of Ganvié by taking a canoe from the port of Porto-Novo. In the evening the guide will drive you to the airport.

A circuit to meet the traditions and history of Benin!


You start your 10-day 9-night tour in Ganvié early in the morning by discovering the floating market, then the next day you take the road towards Abomey and the underground village of Agongointo-Zoungoudo; After discovering the history of the kingdom of Dahomey, you will head to Possotomé towards Lake Ahémé while on the road visiting local crafts, including pottery making in the village of Sé. After a night spent on the shores of Lake Ahémé, you descend to the seaside at Grand Popo, known for its lagoon, its beach and the laying of sea turtles between November and January. In January you can participate in the turtle festival and attend the voodoo festivals on January 10 in Ouidah. The following days you visit Porto-Novo, the political capital of Benin, and Adjarra and its crafts, ending your tour in Cotonou with a visit to the Dantokpa market, the largest in West Africa.

Through the bush and the lagoon to discover tropical fruits, fauna and flora of the lagoon.


An original circuit between 9 and 14 days that you will do by motorcycle, moped or car according to your choice and by canoe. From Ganvié to Tori in the middle of pineapple and cassava fields, then you cross Lake Ahémé to Possotomé to continue your navigation on Lake Ahémé the next day towards Grand Popo, where you will join a canoe through the lagoon. After a day in Grand Popo to discover the fauna and flora and the traditional activities of the population, you will continue your navigation by taking the lagoon to Ouidah. After visiting Ouidah and its voodoo sites, you will continue your journey by taking the fishing route, to end your circuit in Cotonou.

BENIN TOGO tour in the south


This eco-tourism circuit takes place over 7 days 6 nights in individual transport. It will lead you to the edge of LAC AHEME, then in KINKINHOUE village near the MONO river you will head to Togo and in particular KPALIME to stay 2 days and one night to admire the hills with thick woods, the deep valleys in the heart of the coffee and cocoa region of Togo then return to Benin spending the night at Grand Popo via LOME where you can enjoy the Benin beach before catching the plane at Cotonou airport.

Circuit in Benin from South to North

These circuits combine the visit of the emblematic tourist sites of Benin, in the north the Pendjari National Park, the tata-sombas, the Tanéka villages, etc. in the south, Lake Nokoué and its lakeside villages such as Ganvié, Ouidah and vodou, or Abomey with the royal palaces .

A safari in the Pendjari national park

bivouac park pendjari.png

A stay in Benin over 8 days and 7 nights from Cotonou to make a safari in the park in 2 days, one night in bivouac, plus a day in the Atakora to visit the tatas, and an artisanal butter factory in shea, in the south: visit of the green Venice of Africa by canoe, discovery of Porto-Novo, and crafts in Adjara, the last day will lead you to Ouidah to discover the slave route and return by the fishing route

How to discover the tourist sites in Benin


This tourist circuit in Benin is carried out in an individual vehicle from start to finish over 10 days and 9 nights. Your safari in Benin in 2 days and one night (hotel or bivouac), then 2 days in the Atakora with one night in a tata-somba, visit of Abomey to discover the royal palaces, in the south, Ganvié and the crossing from Lake Nokoué by canoe to Porto-Novo, visit of the craft industry in Adjara. The last day of Ouidah discovery with the slave route and the fishing route


Or choose your destinations

Your tailor-made trip to Benin

Create your own circuit in Benin by choosing the tourist destinations. In each tourist site you will be greeted by a local tourist guide who will accompany you for the duration of the excursion . These excursions can last from half a day to several days. We provide transport between each tourist site and the organization on site.

Ouidah the Vodou and the slave route

door of no return Ouidah.png

Our excursions to Ouidah are organized with approved guides, they take place over a half day or over a whole day, you will have the opportunity to discover the Vodou cult with its great deities, its ceremonies and its temples, in particular the temple of the pythons , but also the history of the slave trade through the slave route.

Cotonou, economic capital of Benin

Fuits_et_légumes_du_bénin .jpg

Cotonou economic capital of Benin is home to the largest market in West Africa. Our guided tour in Cotonou takes you to the Dantokpa market market, as well as the multitude of open-air markets across the city and in particular the Ganhi market, the craft center with lunch in a traditional maquis

Ganvié, the green Venice of Africa!


On Lake Noukoué, near Cotonou in Benin, you will discover, as part of a canoe excursion, the lake villages, in particular the village of Ganvié, the life of fishermen, the floating market, but also the mangrove which is home to wildlife and a very rich and diverse flora.

Porto-Novo, the administrative capital of Benin


Porto-Novo administrative capital of Benin, but also colonial capital, also called the city with three names because of its long history. You will be able to immerse yourself in this history of Porto-Novo by meeting King Goun and King Yoruba, and discover in Adjarra the local crafts including the manufacture of tamtams.

Abomey, the historic capital of Benin


Abomey, the historic capital of Benin, with its royal palaces, a high place of resistance to the colonial invader with its legendary shock troops made up exclusively of women who were the Amazons, but it is also an important center of craftsmanship traditional influenced by a rich history.

Towards Togo, Grand Popo with its beaches, lagoon and sea turtles


Grand Popo is a tourist site in Benin that you must visit. The landscape is made up of a huge lagoon that you can visit by pirogue on the Mono river in a pirogue to the king's mouth and discover the traditional activities around the river, the activities of oysters in DJONDJI, the braiding of the mat in Gbèzoumey, from the preparation of palm oil to Kpèkô, typical fishing techniques, and November to January come and discover the sea turtle hatcheries on Grand Popo beach and attend various festive events such as the turtle festival navy on January 8, the voodoo festival on January 10 or at Pentecost at the identity festival of the community Xwla and Xweda, the Nonvitcha.

The traditions and landscapes of Atacora


After or before your safari in the Pendjari National Park, enjoy the Atacora mountains to hike and take a swim in the natural pools, admire the Tanongou or Kota waterfalls, sleep in Boukoumbé in a tata-somba tourist, participate in the activities of the villagers for example the manufacture of shea butter; stop in the Tanéka villages and meet the inhabitants, their spiritual and cultural wealth and appreciate the architecture of these traditional villages, but also you can visit the palace of the kingdom of Djougou

Natitingou, your starting point for a safari in BENIN


Natitingou, capital of Atakora, the land of the Tatas sombas, will be the starting point for your safari in the Pendjari park where you will discover the traditional African fauna, lions, elephants, monkeys; you can continue to Boukoumbé to discover the Otamari people and their traditions.

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