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Cotonou history

Cotonou is the economic capital of Benin, it has nearly 700,000 inhabitants. At the beginning of the 19th century the city of Cotonou was inhabited by fishermen, it took off during the installation of the French in 1868 and until the independence of BENIN.
Today Cotonou is the economic heart of BENIN. In particular, it has an autonomous deep-water port that supplies neighboring countries, but also Cotonou is home to the largest market in West Africa, the DANTOKPA market.

Cotonou Benin trip

Cotonou is one of the largest city in Benin. Benin voyage Afrique Online , organize your guided tour to discover the vast Dantokpa market , the largest market in West Africa where you will find religious objects, spices and all everyday objects, the cathedral of Cotonou from the 19th century century with its original facade with red and white stripes, the Great Mosque of Zongo , in the Haie district Vive the Zinsou Foundation which houses works of contemporary African art.

West of Cotonou, Fidjross beach è then the fishing route which runs along a large sandy beach bordered by palm trees and small villages, notably the Village of Avlékété surrounded by mangroves. Cotonou is bordered to the north by Lake Nokoué with its lakeside fishing villages, the best known being Ganvié .

What to do in Cotonou?

The fishing route

Duration: 6 hours - free picnic

The fishing route from Cotonou begins with Fidjrossè beach which is one of Cotonou's biggest attractions. Over ten kilometers, the fine and soft white sand, to which are mixed small shells, offers you a bed of

the fishing route in BENIN

relaxation under the coconut trees. A true wonder of nature. You will follow the Coconut palms, the tents, the bistros and multiple restaurants to appreciate the Beninese cuisine where you can taste the fish (sea bass, sea bream), line or net fishing by the local fishermen or enjoy a half "bicycle chicken. "Besides the beach, you can also discover on the edge of the fishing route, the mangroves, lakes, lake villages and the history of Benin through its legends and rites that you will see running under the coconut trees.
To discover this paradise, we offer a 4x4 excursion with driver (maximum 6 people per vehicle), and to visit the fishing route in BENIN in a short day,
A visit in complete freedom, along the fishing route to the gate of no return in Ouidah and you can enjoy the beach and restaurants as you wish.
An organized excursion including a visit to the Beninese village of Avlékété with a canoe trip in the mangrove, lunch on site and a traditional fishing trip.
The price includes car, fuel and driver and depending on the case the excursion to the lakeside village of Avlékété including the guide on site, the meal and the organization of the fishing trip.

Ask for your quote for a tourist program in Cotonou

You are spending the Week End in Cotonou, you are starting a trip to Benin and you want to know the rich tourists, in this case do not hesitate to leave us your email in the form above, and we will contact you within 12 hours for an answer to your request for a tailor-made tourist visit to Cotonou

An answer adapted to your plan to visit Cotonou

Cotonou tourism, the Dantokpa market and the other Cotonou markets.

Duration  : 6 hours - Avex lunch in a maquis

During the day, discover the city of Cotonou and its markets. We invite you to discover the largest market in West Africa, the Dantokpa market, accompanied by a market trader. We will make you taste the traditional cuisine during lunch which may be accompanied by a dance show. The day can continue with a visit to the Ganhi market where you will discover the scents of Benin through its wide variety of fruits and vegetables, a little further on Avenue de la République, the Saint-Michel market which is famous for its tailors and carpenters. We will end the day with a visit to the craft village . 

The Dantokpa Cotonou market
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