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rent a car in Benin

For travelers who know Cotonou, you can rent a car without a driver in Cotonou and throughout the territory of Benin. For travelers with no experience of Africa or Benin in particular, we recommend that you hire a car with driver from Cotonou . We offer a wide range of vehicles, sedans, small SUVs, large 4x4s, 4x4 utilities, minibuses and buses up to 60 seats.

Car rental in Cotonou

We offer several types of sedans or city cars with or without driver from Cotonou. These categories of cars are ideal for driving in Cotonou, in the south of Benin or for reaching the main cities of Benin!

4X4 car rental in Cotonou

We have small 4X4s intended for rental without driver from Cotonou, and large 4x4 vehicle for up to 6 travelers with driver from Cotonou and Natitingou. These types of 4X4 allow you to travel comfortably from the south to the north of Benin and go on a safari in Pendjari Park in Benin.

Minibus and bus rental in Cotonou

For your group trips to Benin, we can hire minibuses with driver from 15 to 30 seats from Cotonou. But also buses or coaches with up to 60 seats.

Some tips for your car rental in Benin

If you have no driving experience in Africa, and in particular in Benin, you should opt to hire a car with driver. We offer this service from Cotonou, either from your hotel or at Cotonou airport, but also from Natitingou for those who want to go on a safari in Benin.

Our car rental contracts in Cotonou

We have the ability to offer you flexible rental contracts, we can integrate in the same contract, the rental of a sedan for your trips to Cotonou or in the South of BENIN, see to the cities of the north and a 4x4 SUV if your journeys require it, for example, if you want to go on a Safari.
This type of modulation allows you to optimize your budget, or to have the vehicle corresponding to your needs, for example to go on a safari in the North.
Our vehicle rental contracts with driver can be denominated in euros or CFA francs. How to choose your car with driver.

Make the right choice of vehicle

The choice of your vehicle rental will depend on your trip to Benin. If you stay exclusively in Cotonou, a sedan is sufficient for your trips. In the case of a tour, you must identify the roads you want to take and the excursions you want to make in BENIN, which is why we ask you for details of your travel plan to offer you the best choice of vehicle from rental.
Do not hesitate to consult us, we will spend the necessary time with you to advise you.

How is the price of your car rental in Cotonou calculated?

The rental price with or without a driver always starts in Cotonou (except for departures from Natitingou), it includes the vehicle, possibly the driver's salary and lunch, unlimited mileage, however. However, the daily rental rate varies depending on the destination.

The driver's salary corresponds to a provision from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., after 8 p.m. an additional flat rate is applied.

In the case of a trip to Benin over several days, you must add to your daily rate the driver's night, which includes half-board accommodation.

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