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Request for rental of accommodation Benin

To calculate your rental request for an apartment, house or villa in Benin, we suggest that you carefully fill out the form below. We will get back in touch within 12 hours

Commercial conditions for the rental of an apartment, a house or a villa in Benin

For companies which have to expatriate employees in Benin within the framework of projects of several months, or individuals, we offer a turnkey accommodation solution (apartment, house or villa).
This FREE service consists of looking for accommodation in Cotonou or Benin on behalf of the company or individual according to the prescriptions made in the initial request through the form.

location 4x4 benin, location SUV Cotonou


Basic accommodation services:

The basic comfort that we offer as part of our turnkey solution for an expatriate employee in Benin corresponds to furnished accommodation, including:
A separate kitchen equipped with kitchen utensils
A living room equipped with a dining area
A bathroom, WC with cold water
A bedroom equipped with storage

Housing search procedure in Cotonou or Benin:

After analyzing your request, we will submit a file to you with the description of the accommodation corresponding to the request made.
This description will include
The price of accommodation including the price, furnishings, electricity, water and additional subscriptions requested (international televisions, internet access).
T he staff costs all inclusive.

Payment for your accommodation rental in Cotonou or Benin

The minimum duration of a contract is the quarter.
You do not have to pay a deposit, nor a guarantee , the proposed rate is net of taxes and social charges.

Payment is made in advance by quarter by bank transfer either to an account in France (free of charge) or to an account in Cotonou.

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