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Bénin Voyage Afrique Online brings you the solution adapted to your 4x4 car rental needs in Benin. Rental without driver for experienced customers, rental with driver for customers without driving experience in Benin. Rentals with unlimited mileage, and optional fuel packages to better manage your budget.

How to rent a 4x4 vehicle in Cotonou?

How to get a quote for your rental of a 4x4 vehicle from Cotonou?

You have a project to rent a 4x4 vehicle for a tourist trip or for a professional mission in Benin! Do not hesitate to consult our team through the quote request form. Your file will be processed in less than 12 hours and thanks to the experience of its Benin Voyage Afrique Online sales team will provide you with the solution best suited to your needs.

4x4 vehicles adapted to Africa

In terms of 4x4 vehicles, Toyota is a brand with a strong presence in Benin and offers 4x4 vehicles adapted to traffic conditions in Benin. The vehicles are equipped to allow you to travel to Benin in good conditions. This type of vehicle is offered exclusively with a driver.

In terms of small SUVs, the offer  revolves around the Renault Dacia Duster range, these vehicles can be hired without a driver. These vehicles are recommended for journeys that do not present great difficulties, such as Cotonou or the main highways of Benin.

Our different 4X4 vehicle rental contracts

Depending on the type of vehicle and your driving experience in Benin, you can opt for either a rental without a driver or a rental with a driver.

Rental with driver without fuel

As part of this contract, the price of your rental includes the driver and his food during the day, insurance. It should be noted in the case of a trip to Benin without returning in the evening to Cotonou, the driver's night must be added for all the nights spent outside Cotonou.
Fuel and tolls are the responsibility of the customer.

Rental of an SUV without driver.

This type of rental is mainly intended for Cotonou or single trips. The driver must present when signing the contract, which is done online, a copy of his passport and driver's license.

He will have to pay a deposit. The driver is responsible for his vehicle and his liability may be sought in the event of damage to the vehicle.

As part of this contract, the rental price includes the 4x4 vehicle, the driver and his food, and a fuel flat rate is a fuel advance estimated on the basis of a mileage evaluation made before departure. The customer deposits the advance. This advance may be readjusted more or less depending on the mileage achieved and noted on the roadmap.
This type of contract is only offered for contracts invoiced in euros and cashed in an account domiciled in France.
This type of contract is used by companies to avoid the employee having to pay fuel costs on site. In this case the invoices are denominated in euros.

Rental with driver including a fuel package.

4x4 rental Benin, SUV rental Cotonou

Quality SUVs

Daily pricing according to the age of the vehicle and the destination of your trip to Benin

In general, the pricing for the rental of a 4x4 with driver is based on vehicles of around ten years old, including unlimited mileage adapted to the region of destination. We have 5 tariff zones.

However, to meet specific requests, we offer recent vehicles of less than two for VIP operations.

Duster SUVs are less than 5 years old

Clear and detailed commercial documents for a successful 4x4 rental

Upon receipt of your rental request, we proceed to an in-depth analysis of your needs, our team will contact you within 12 hours to complete their information; after having perfectly analyzed your needs, we will send you a detailed estimate. After acceptance of the quote we send you the contract. Payment of the deposit validates the contract.

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