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What test should I take to board at Cotonou airport?

To take the plane, you will now have to present a PCR test of less than 5 days or in accordance with the requirements of the country of destination.

Purchase insurance to cover the risk of COVID-19 during your trip.

You have the possibility of covering the COVID-19 risk as part of a travel insurance which can cover the consequences related to contamination before your departure or during your trip to Benin which does not allow you to leave or return to the expected date. We suggest that you click on the link to find out the price and extent of coverage. https://www.benin-voyage-afrique.online/assurance-voyage

Barrier measures still in force in Benin

It should be remembered that we must always respect the barrier measures in Benin, in particular

  • Systematic hand washing with soap and water;

  • Observance of the health safety distance of at least one (1) meter between people;

  • Limitation of the maximum number of passengers on board taxis to three (03) for five-seater vehicles and five (5) for nine-seater vehicles;

  • Obligation to wear masks and to respect the health safety distance between passengers on board public transport;

  • Obligation for employers, in the workplace, to enforce the systematic wearing of masks, to install the hand washing device and to enforce the distance of at least one (1) meter between people;

  • Prescription to users of commercial spaces (shops, stores, supermarkets, ordinary markets and others) to observe the systematic wearing of masks and the distance of at least one (1) meter

Benin Voyage Afrique Online accompanies you on your trip to Benin

Our E-tourism service is at your disposal to answer all your questions relating to the organization of your trip to Benin.

To obtain your visa, click on : https://evisa.gouv.bj/fr/

For vehicle rental, you must take into account the restrictions imposed by the barrier measures, namely: Limiting the number of passengers on board taxis to a maximum of three (03) for vehicles with 5 seats and to a maximum of 5 for 7-seater vehicles, beyond that we have 15 or 30-seater minibuses.

Our drivers are mobilized to respect hygiene rules and guarantee you a trip in compliance with barrier measures.

You can contact us by clicking: https://www.benin-voyage-afrique.online/

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