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Your #safari in #Benin an experience to live!

At the beginning of the year, we are entering the best time to realize your dream of #safari in the #Pendjari National Park. The coming months are the hottest months of the year, the best time to observe wildlife. The grass is short and the animals gather around the last water points.

The park is located in northern Benin covers 4,800 km2, it is the largest intact wild ecosystem in West Africa. It is the last refuge for the region's 1,700 elephants and 25% of the 400 critically endangered West African lions.

Your safety during the safari in the Pendjari park

In recent years and more particularly in recent months, security has been reinforced to guarantee you a safari in complete serenity.

In addition to the resources provided by the Beninese government around the park, African Parks, the manager, has a patrol of Rangers trained in the use of weapons, patrol and monitoring methods, navigation, and data collection, communication and first aid operations.

The park has a communication network that covers the entire park and is linked to a 24-hour operations coordination center.

Thus, for your safety, the guides are equipped with GPS and radio means in connection with the coordination center, in addition they have received detailed training on safety protocols.

Finally, the park has created new circuits further south in secure areas.

The implementation of all these means guarantees that you can make the most of your safari.

How to get to Pendjari Park from Cotonou

The Pendjari Park is located in the north of #Benin about 650 km from Cotonou. To access it, we offer two solutions:

  • The line bus solution: We can book or you can book your seats on a bus that makes the daily trip to Natitingou the main city of #Atacora, Our guide welcomes you when you get off the bus to take you to the hotel that we have booked. The next day you can start your safari. It takes about 12 hours of travel. The buses are air-conditioned.

Your return will be by the same means of transport and we welcome you to Cotonou to drive you to your hotel if you wish.

This is the most advantageous solution.

  • The individual transport solution: We offer two choices:

  • A rental of a small 4x4 without driver with provision on your arrival in Tanguiéta of a vehicle equipped with driver and approved guide for your safari ;

  • A Rental with driver of a large 4x4 or a minibus to Natitingou, then the provision of a fitted 4x4 with an approved driver-guide.

What will be your accommodation in the Pendjari Park.

For the 2021/2022 safari season, only the Pendjari Safari Lodge is open, the bivouac solution is suspended pending the reopening of the camping area.

Your accommodation is located 50 km from the entrance to the park, it is powered by solar panels, and is located in front of a pond on a hill, from the terraces you can observe the animals coming to drink

The Pendjari Lodge offers different types of accommodation adapted to each budget, a restaurant and a swimming pool. The set is made for your comfort (bathroom, toilets) and your relaxation (wifi access, satellite television), respecting the environment of the park (canvas structure).

This year the Pendjari Lodge offers different rates depending on the season:

  • The low season of for, the months of November, July and August,

  • High season from December to June

The Lodge closes on August 15, 2022 and will open on November 15, 2022.

What are the services offered by Benin Voyage Afrique Online for your safari

The organization of your safari requires the implementation of many means (transport, guide, entrance fees, accommodation) which will determine the cost price of your safari.To make your job easier and to know your cost price, we offer you a global service which will include, depending on your choices:

  • Fuel transport costs included, from Cotonou,

  • Transport costs with fuel for the equipped vehicle,

  • Entrance fees to the Pendjari Park,

  • Guide fees in the Pendjari park (compulsory)

  • Accommodation costs in the park and outside the park with or without meals.

Benin Voyage Afrique Online takes care of everything, all you have to do is! The most important thing: make the most of your safari, without any constraints and in complete safety!

To find out about this exceptional experience in contact with nature and the wildlife of the Pendjari National Park, follow the link https://www.benin-voyage-afrique.online/safari-afrique


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