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New prices for # COVID19 tests at #Benin

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Decrease in the price of the COVID-19 test on arrival and departure from the airport from October 12, 2021, it drops to 25,000 FCFA for the standard service (result between 48 and 72 hours) and 50,000 FCFA for the VIP service ( result in 24h)

In addition, since September 1, 2021, Benin has adjusted its barrier measures to take into account the evolution of "variants" and vaccination routes.

The health situation in Benin and screening #COVID19

As of August 31, 2021, Benin recorded 135 deaths for a total of 16,946 confirmed cases of which 4,834 are still under treatment

Since September 1, 2021, the government of Benin has decided to make vaccination against COVID-19 compulsory for medical staff, paramedics, pharmacists, nursing assistants as well as for administrative staff of public and private health facilities, as for the personnel of pharmacies.

In this area, Benin launched a national vaccination plan on March 29, 2021. To date, the country has a total of 78 vaccination centers.

Since September 1, 2020, # Benin has imposed screening fees on all travelers arriving and departing from the airport. The basic rate is 25,000 F for each test (test result within 72 hours) and 50,000 F for the VIP procedure (tets result in between 12 and 24 hours), in addition you must complete a form in line before your arrival by clicking on the following link https://www.centresurveillancesanitaire.bj/ to provide information about your trip and pay online by credit card, Mobile Money MTN Benin or MOOV Benin for the tests.

Practical procedure for your screening #COVID19

You must complete a form by clicking on the link : www.surveillancesanitaire.bj

Step 1 : Fill in the information regarding your travel document: passport, CNI, consular card, laissez-passer, etc.) by specifying your operational phone number in Benin or by WhatsApp call.

Step 2 : you specify your flight information (date of arrival, country of destination, flight number contained on the ticket).

Step 3 : Proceed to payment by choosing the "pay now" option and validate.

You must indicate a valid email address during the payment transaction to receive your invoice after payment.

Once the payment transaction has been validated, you will receive a QR CODE to keep.

  • On your arrival at Cotonou airport

You go to the Covid Center (inside the airport) to do your screening test by presenting your QR CODE and your printed payment receipt.

The package allows each traveler who arrives to benefit from an oropharyngeal / nasopharyngeal sample (PCR) on site; After the test you can go to your place of accommodation, the results will be delivered to you within 24 to 48 hours depending on the option chosen. (You keep your passport and no longer need to come to the COVID-19 center to collect it).

In the event of a positive result, you will be taken care of free of charge in accordance with the protocol in force in Benin, either at your place of accommodation if possible, or at a dedicated site.

  • From Cotonou airport

The obligations are different depending on the length of your stay in Benin:

If you stay less than 3 days in Benin, the second test will not be compulsory.

If you stay more than 3 days you must take your test before departure. This test takes place for normal service at the Cotonou convention center, by making an appointment by phone at 7016. The line is open from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Test results are available within 72 hours. For the premium service, the tests are carried out in a VIP center located on the airport road. The time to results is 12 to 24 hours and in special cases within 6 hours.

If the test is positive from Cotonou, you will have to postpone your trip and follow the recommendations of the health teams. All other tests carried out as part of the treatment, fully covered by the State of Benin, will be free.

In case you are in transit in Benin you must do the PCR test and stay in the territory until you get the result. Those who stop in Cotonou without leaving the plane or the airport are not subject to the test.

Barrier measures applicable in Benin

Since the beginning of September and due to the variants, the barrier measures have been reactivated and completed:

  • Compulsory wearing of masks in all places;

  • Systematic hand washing with soap and water;

  • Observance of the health safety distance of at least one (1) meter between people;

  • Closure of nightclubs and similar structures;

  • Ban on festive gatherings in public places, including beaches;

  • Ban on gatherings of more than 50 people;

  • Limitation of the maximum number of passengers on board taxis to three (03) for vehicles with five seats and to five (5) for those with nine seats;

  • Obligation to wear masks and to respect the health safety distance between passengers on board public transport;

  • Obligation for employers, in the workplace, to enforce the systematic wearing of masks, to install the hand washing device and to enforce the distance of at least one (1) meter between people;

  • Suspension of events and events of a cultural, festive, sporting and religious nature. However, international competitions can take place behind closed doors and with a health pass for athletes and their staff;

  • Prescription to users of commercial spaces (shops, stores, supermarkets, ordinary markets and others) to observe the systematic wearing of masks and the distance of at least one (1) meter between people;

  • Authorization of burial ceremonies for gatherings not exceeding fifty (50) people, who must respect a distance of at least one (1) meter between them;

  • Recommendation of vaccination to anyone over the age of 18, in particular teaching and administrative staff in public and private establishments before the start of the school year, students, military and paramilitary personnel, motorcycle taxis, all entering or leaving of the national territory;

  • Suspension of the participation of any public administration official or private sector employee not vaccinated against COVID-19, meetings (meetings, workshops, forums, seminars, etc.) on the national territory.

Benin Voyage Afrique Online accompanies you on your trip to Benin

Our E-tourism service is at your disposal to answer all your questions relating to the organization of your trip to Benin.

To obtain your visa, click on : https://evisa.gouv.bj/fr/

For vehicle rental, you must take into account the restrictions imposed by the barrier measures, namely: Limiting the number of passengers on board taxis to a maximum of three (03) for vehicles with 5 seats and to a maximum of 5 for vehicles. 7-seater vehicles, beyond that we have 15 or 30-seater minibuses.

Our drivers are mobilized to respect hygiene rules and guarantee you a trip in compliance with barrier measures.

You can contact us by clicking: https://www.benin-voyage-afrique.online/

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