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Your arrival at # airportCotonou: route guide # COVID19Benin of screening.

Updated: Jun 14

Price of screening, health situation in Benin and # Covid19 screening on arrival.

Since September 1, 20, #Benin has imposed screening tests on all travelers arriving and departing from the airport. The basic rate is 50,000 F for each test (test result within 72 hours) and 75,000 F for the VIP procedure (test result within 24 hours), in addition you must complete an online form before your arrival by clicking on the following link https://www.centresurveillancesanitaire.bj/ to provide information about your trip and pay online by credit card, Mobile Money MTN Benin or MOOV Benin.

Your situation with regard to the mandatory PCR checks on arrival and departure from Cotonou

In any case, your screening test is carried out upon your arrival at the airport as part of the travelers who must leave the airport.

However, the obligation of the screening test for the return will depend on the length of your stay in Benin

  • You are in transit to one of the border countries, you must wait for the result of the test before going to the border country of destination,

  • You stay less than three days, you will not have to take the second test for the departure from Cotonou

  • Your stay is between three days and less than 14 days, you must complete the return test 72 hours before your departure. You must specify it upon arrival during formalities.

  • If your stay is longer than 14 days, in addition to your screening test on arrival and departure from Cotonou, you must perform the last screening test 14 days after arrival in Cotonou.

Practical procedure for your #Covid19 screening

Before your arrival at #Cotonou airport

Before your departure for Cotonou, you must go to the site : www.surveillancesanitaire.bj

  • You enter your personal information in step 1 as mentioned on your travel document (passport, CNI, consular card, laissez-passer, etc.) by specifying your operational phone number in Benin or by WhatsApp call.

  • In step 2, you enter your flight information (date of arrival, country of destination, flight number contained on the ticket).

  • You proceed to payment by choosing the option "pay now" and validate. :

You must indicate during the payment transaction a valid email address to receive your invoice after payment.

Once the payment transaction is complete, you will receive a QR CODE to keep.

On your arrival, you go to the Covid Center (inside the airport) or to the VIP area, to take your screening test by presenting your QR CODE and your printed payment receipt.

Before your departure from Cotonou airport

For practical reasons, we advise you to complete your file online https://www.centresurveillancesanitaire.bj/before your departure in order to have all the supporting documents during the screening test for the return.

To do this, you must call 7016 (Covid call center dedicated to travelers) to make an appointment before going to the screening location, either at the convention center for the basic rate or at the VIP center for the VIP rate, with your code and your printed payment receipt.