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trip to Brazil

A delightful getaway to some of Brazil's most beautiful nature reserves

Brazil is one of the flagship destinations for travelers looking to discover sumptuous and unusual landscapes. This region of South America has impressive natural reserves. Among these, the Iguaçu Park is one of the remarkable sites of the country. It forms a border between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. The tourists will find there different species of rare birds such as the harpy or the casuar. Nature enthusiasts will admire, among others, the Iguazu Falls (Iguazu) which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984. This wonder is made up of 275  waterfalls of 2  700  m  of  long in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. Thrill seekers can ride one of them. Indeed, the highest which is the famous Garganta del Diablo or the Devil's Throat with 72  m  of  high is simply spectacular, you can take a boat ride or a helicopter ride to get a better view.

A moment of relaxation in Itatiaia National Park

Surrounded by the Environmental Protection Zone of the Mantiqueira Mountain Range, the Itatiaia Nature Reserve is not to be missed on a trip to Brazil. It can be reached from the north by road between the city of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo . This park contains one of the highest peaks in the country which is the Picodas Agulhas Negras with 2  791  m  altitude. The latter attracts lovers of climbing and thrills. Besides this, this park is also a migration area of several 500  bird species. Thanks to its natural pools as well as its breathtaking waterfalls such as the Cachoeira do Escorrega, the Cachoeira Véu da Noiva and the Cachoeira De Santa Clara, among others, will dazzle lovers of aquatic diving. Apart from these, the park also features rewarding museums. Lovers of art and history will find there many species that live in the protected area as well as the geological history of the formation of the Mantiqueira mountain range.

Fun activities in the nature reserves of the Fernando de Noronha archipelago

The Fernando Archipelago Marine National Park is ideal for enjoying a moment of pleasure on the coast during a stay in Brazil. It is one of the popular places for travelers thanks to its great diversity of marine fauna such as tuna and sharks. Being considered the best diving site in the country, the island will revive swimming enthusiasts with its various water activities such as snorkeling, planasub, surfing or diving. Nature enthusiasts will explore the wreck of a Brazilian warship and corals during an underwater discovery. In addition, hikers will have the opportunity, among other things, to admire the tropical seabirds of the Western Atlantic, the dance of dolphins or the slope of sea turtle eggs on the shore. In addition, the bay of Sancho offers a spectacular view. Being considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, it will dazzle lovers of strong sensations from the top of its cliffs.

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