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Take an extraordinary trip to Kenya

Located in East Africa, Kenya lies between Somalia and Tanzania. It was in this country that it all began for men, 6 million years ago. At that time, Australopithecus, a bipedal intermediary between ape and man, set foot on the lands of Tugen. This country, titled the cradle of humanity, is thus an undeniable cultural microcosm. In addition, it is known for its wild fauna, its picturesque landscapes and its national parks. This destination is a good address for people looking for a change of scenery and adventure. Indeed, it has several unmissable attractions, including white sand beaches, mountains, forests and deserts. Vacationers will also have the opportunity to go on safari, scuba diving and hiking. In addition, Kenyan gastronomy will impress lovers of good food. It is one of the richest and most varied cuisines in East Africa. In short, Kenya is a land of a thousand wonders.

Go on a safari in Kenya

As in a Namibia trip , a tour in Kenya is an opportunity to go on a safari. Moreover, this country has several nature reserves which lend themselves perfectly to this activity such as the Masai Mara National Reserve. The latter is home to wildlife considered to be the most important in the world. Its fertile beds attract, in fact, a huge number of herbivores. As a result, in this animal sanctuary, backpackers will find damalisques, buffaloes, impalas, elephants and more. They will also have the opportunity to observe the migration of wildebeest, zebras and Thomson's gazelles. In addition, for a successful safari, globetrotters need to choose the right clothes to wear on the adventure. This protected area enjoys a temperate climate, but in the evening it is a bit cold. Thus, it is recommended to bring both light and warm clothes. Apart from that, so that the animals do not burrow, tourists should put on outfits in a discreet color that will blend in with the landscape.

The best attitude to adopt in Kenya

In Kenya, the people are warm and welcoming. Kenya vacationers are therefore advised to adopt a respectful and friendly attitude. In this country, to greet, we say "jambo" which means "how are you? ". Close friends and family shake hands. This gesture is a sign of respect. As for lovers, instead of a handshake, they give each other a little kiss on the cheek. In addition, at the table, it is always the elderly who start to help themselves and eat first. In this region, if tourists refill and finish their plate, it shows that they are well behaved and polite. Regarding clothing, globetrotters should wear discreet attire outside the beaches and poolsides of Western hotels. In the city, they will avoid wearing shorts. This kind of clothing is not very well seen.

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