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Some delicacies to taste during a stay in Cuba


A little corner of Caribbean paradise, Cuba is a recommended destination for foodies in search of new flavors. In this country, you will not miss delicious dishes and drinks to discover during a trip.

Congri, the Cuban national dish

No matter what city you go to, you will always find congri on your trip to Cuba. It is the country's national dish made with rice, beans and spices. This little delight requires careful preparation. In addition, it must be cooked the day before its consumption. To make congri, the locals start by soaking the beans and rice in water. Thus, the latter end up softening in the 

after a night. Then, everything is placed in a casserole dish to be cooked. Afterwards, we add garlic, chili, oregano, bay leaves, cumin and pepper to enhance the taste. Finally, we pour rice, we wait 25  min and it's ready.

Cuban-stuffed pineapple, an ideal recipe for lovers of sweet and savory

For you, lovers of sweet and savory dishes, Cuba tours will not disappoint. During your expeditions, you will have the chance to taste the famous Cuban stuffed pineapple. To make this recipe, the locals peel a pineapple and remove the central part to form a kind of container. Then, they stuff the fruit with a mixture of chopped meats and hams seasoned with pepper and salt. Finally, they put everything in the oven and after a few minutes, it is ready to be tasted. During your trip, you may find variations on this delicacy. Sometimes in restaurants, you will be offered a Cuban stuffed pineapple with sweet ingredients.

Cuban flan, a delicious and refreshing dessert

To end your meals in style, why not have a Cuban flan during your stay in Cuba? This dessert is made from coconut milk, condensed milk and egg. However, to give more flavor to the preparation, it is possible to add other ingredients to the recipe. Moreover, some cooks put vanilla sugar and nutmeg in their custard. Before pouring the mixture into the mold, line the base with liquid caramel or chocolate. It is for this reason that when you are served a Cuban flan, you find a small crunchy layer on this dessert, a real treat. Enjoy this fresh delight during your trip and your taste buds will be delighted.

Mojito and daiquiri, typical Cuban drinks

In Cuba, it's not just the food that is delicious. You will also find exquisite cocktails here. For your information, this region is the country of origin of the famous mojito, a drink made from rum, lime and fresh mint leaves. In Cuba, you don't have to look far to find a delicious mojito, you just need to have the right places. In some local bars, the mojitos are decorated with original ingredients. There are recipes that include champagne, angustura and sugar. If you don't like a mojito, try a daiquiri, a drink made from white rum, lime juice, and sugar instead.

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