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la corée du sud

South Korea, a rich and original destination

There are many ways to define South Korea, a destination with ten thousand peaks, ten thousand islands and ten thousand waterfalls. This great country in East Asia is a great conservative of 5  000  years of history, culture and art. This is why it is able to offer you the best possible stay during your tailor-made Korea trip. To do so, all you need to do is spend a few days in the bustling city of Seoul. Here, traditional markets settle quietly between skyscrapers and construction sites. Then you can take a short break in Jeju province before continuing your discovery. It is a seaside resort which is located in the southern part of the country. This place is famous for its beaches and volcanic landscapes. If you are fond of idleness and escapes, then you are undoubtedly at the right address. All in all, South Korea may only be a favorite place for those who want a very original adventure.

Some descriptions of Korean culture

Korean culture turns out to be very different from other countries on earth. This can be seen through the activities offered to you during your tailor-made trip to Korea. Indeed, South Korea is considered an attractive destination that interests everyone. It just goes to show that it attracts followers of culture, sport, nightlife, shopping, etc. During your stay, you will find that Koreans are hard workers while Koreans devote their time to the education of their descendants. Such a system is an integral part of the local culture and everyone is concerned, even children. The latter are, for example, obliged to educate themselves permanently and they do not really have free time to study. Obviously, they are resolutely thinking about their future.

High-tech and Koreans, the inseparable

It's hard to talk about South Korea without slipping a word about its technological achievements. Already, some qualify its capital Seoul as the city of the third millennium and for good reason, it is overflowing with many electronic innovations such as advertising flat screens, latest generation telephones, etc. Thanks to your tailor-made trips to Korea , you will discover high-tech industries which represent the great national pride and guarantee the success of the economic development of the country. This constantly evolving transformation is also necessary in the daily life of the inhabitants, because the innumerable architectural projects and development of new districts also depend on this very advanced knowledge. One of South Korea's iconic resorts is the Digital Media City, a must-see spot when staying in the metropolitan city of Seoul. Easy to recognize, its light system aims to attract your attention.

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